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Iris Bespoke Furniture is a UK company which specialises in creating bespoke panels which are aesthetically pleasing and are designed to last a lifetime. With our unique and unusual designs, we produce fitting pieces for your home and garden. Our bespoke panels are not only made to fit your space but it also suit your purposes.

Why not order a Carved Marble panel for your home or garden? If you wish to see a range of Carved marble panels please get in touch and we can send you examples. Or we can carve one according your own design. Simply send us a sketch, photo or professional drawing along with your required dimensions.

Over the years, we have built a solid reputation and garnered accolades for the quality of our furniture, our ability to work with our clients to create bespoke designs to complement their space, and our competence when it comes to meeting our customers’ specific requirements.

We have satisfactorily worked with clients from diverse sectors of industry, and our team of dedicated artisans in India have decades of experience with creating luxury panel furniture of all shapes and sizes. With a wide range of materials and finishes, our panel furniture will enhance your environment thereby creating an effective backdrop for your professional or residential space.

We are an environmentally-conscious company, therefore, wherever possible, we provide furniture that can be fully or partly recycled. We also use eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood to create our stylish yet functional one of a kind panel furniture.

A Fine Blend of Sustainability and Functionality

Unlike what is obtainable with mass-produced furniture, our bespoke panels are one of a kind. Sustainable design means we source our materials ethically and responsibly. The hardwoods (or marble) we use are sustainably harvested and replanted, so, we only use strong, durable and environmentally friendly materials to create your piece.

All the materials used for the production of our bespoke panels meet stringent international standards. This means that the furniture we make you is designed to last a lifetime, making your bespoke furniture a sustainable investment in the future.

In addition to this, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all our ethically sourced materials. Sustainably harvested hardwoods traded ethically and farmed ecologically form the solid foundation framework for all our bespoke handcrafted panel furniture.

The Diverse High-End Panel Furniture We Can Create For You

When it comes to panel furniture, the only way to go is bespoke. At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we provide excellent quality and service which meets the exacting demands of today’s innovative world.

Our bespoke furniture for your home is built into durable designs for usability and longevity with solid hardwood joinery, framework and panels. Each piece of our panel furniture is beautifully constructed using timeless carpentry principles.

We specialise in building expansive storage solutions in panelled solid wood wardrobes, built to the perfect height for your garments. We craft panelled chests with deep drawers and the perfect division of internal space so that dressing for that special occasion becomes a pleasure.

We can also build media panels for your visual presentations in your conference room as well as cubicles, booths and separating walls for your offices. We can even build panelled solid wood doors for your home, shelves and cabinets for bath and kitchen.

Luxurious Bespoke Panel Furniture Made With Superior Materials

This is a Mirror Glass Panel from Udaipur. Each fragment of glass is hand cut with special glass cutting scissors and the colored fragments are arranged in this 3 dimensional peacock design.

Every piece of this panel is finished by hand in an age old technique called Glass inlay first used on the walls of the Palaces of the Mughal Emperors. Different colored glass is used to create stunning panels to adorn your home or garden.

The materials we use to build your bespoke panels are able to withstand moisture, heat and extreme weather conditions. Therefore, they are ideal for building furniture to be used in the bathroom and kitchen or outside.

We provide a wide range of finishes and if required, we can colour-match to your existing furniture so your panel furniture will blend with the décor of your space.

Contact Us Today For A Free Quote!

If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Flawless Construction

We pride ourselves in manufacturing the unusual with very exacting standards, thanks to our talented Indian artisans.

Our team specialises in executing projects from planning through to the final fit and sign-off.

The materials we use for crafting your panel furniture are built to last and withstand heavy use.

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, functionality, aesthetics and safety are equally important to us and it shows in the way we produce our furniture.

Our ethical suppliers in India see to it that our high standards of craftsmanship are in no way compromised.

Innovative Designs That Incorporate Your Ideas

Our furniture is thoughtfully designed and beautifully built, therefore, whether you need a single item or a complete storage wall installation, you can be confident that your specific needs will be perfectly met. Our business was built on providing our clients with exactly what they want and need, and we pride ourselves on always delivering the highest levels of quality, care and service.

Visit our Furniture Showroom

Visit our furniture showroom in Brighton after booking an appointment with us. We have an impressive range of designs, finishes and decorative styles that you can see first-hand so you have an idea of our services and quality.

Luxury Furniture for Your Bespoke Panel at a Fair Price

It is often thought that bespoke furniture is us expensive. This is not entirely true, as luxury doesn’t have to come at high prices. We offer very reasonably priced expertly crafted custom-made panel furniture and we are happy to work out a payment plan with you.

Contact Us for Your Bespoke Panel Furniture

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we make bespoke furniture that represents the best of the UK and we can also ship internationally.

Want to learn more about the options available to you? Call us now on 0127 3831 164 to speak to one of our agents and we’ll send you a quote. You can also contact us by completing the online enquiry form or sending us an email and we’ll get back to you immediately.

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