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Luxury Bespoke Bedroom Cabinets Made With Love From India

There is no better way to keep your possessions stylishly organised than with ornate bedroom cabinets. Our extensive range of bedroom furniture includes unique bedroom cabinets tailored to perfectly suit your space, style and ever-expanding bedroom essentials. Sturdy yet beautiful, our bedroom cabinets make your space less cluttered and more attractive. Also available in a variety of finishes, sizes and styles to suit your requirements, you can have stunning furniture pieces that are reflective of your personality.
Let us help you create your dream bedroom with freestanding bespoke pieces that you will not find anywhere else. Tailor made to serve your functionality and décor requirements, our pieces are bound to be favourites for many years to come.
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Building Your Tailor-Made Bedroom Cabinets

Get that extra special feeling that comes from having beautiful cabinets in your bedroom. With all the different styles and details we provide for you to choose from, you will find the perfect fit. Our pieces will fill your room with elegance and luxury because of the high quality craftsmanship and quality materials that we use.

Whatever your preferences, from deep drawers to clear surfaces, our bespoke bedroom cabinets will be cut and planed to the precise measurements you provide. Each piece is beautifully fashioned with a unique artistic finish that you will not find in a generic furniture shop. Let us know what you need and we can have each cabinet designed to your exact requirements.

Visually Appealing And Forever Functional

Bedroom cabinets are among the most useful and stylish furniture pieces that you can place in your home. They lend an organised and elegant look and feel to any bedroom. They can accommodate big, heavy items as well as small articles and when you go with a bespoke option, you can determine exactly what dimensions you need.

Suitable for holding clothing or accessories such as bags and jewellery, our luxurious bedroom cabinets’ help you economise your space without having to deal with bulky wardrobes. With a compact unit that also serves as a decorative art piece, you will have a furniture piece to last many years.

Stylishly functional, bedroom cabinets can also be used as bedside tables or side tables. Whether yours is a big room or a smaller one, our range of bespoke bedroom cabinets is sure to offer an option to suit you.

Freestanding Bespoke Bedroom Cabinets To Add Stylish Utility To Your Bedroom

If you are looking to create a classier and more organised look to your bedroom, bespoke bedroom cabinets are the best way to ensure this. They provide a perfect blend of storage, decor and style. Nearly as important as the bed, bedroom cabinets can pull the entire look and feel of the bedroom together while serving as useful everyday furniture pieces.

Beyond sleeping, our bedrooms are our sanctuaries for storing personal belongings, reading books and magazines, watching television and relaxing. We need to put our remote controls, glasses and books on something, so, what about a bedroom cabinet that is right within reach? A bespoke bedroom cabinet acts as a style statement, and to ensure that our pieces suit your needs perfectly, you can request the dimensions, styles and finishes you would like.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Stunning Colours, Ornamentation And Patterns To Choose From

We have developed a range of unique styles and decorative finishes that are intended to add aesthetic appeal to your space with bold and luxurious materials and finishes. From mother of pearl to soft sheen metal and solid wood, every piece in our range boasts a unique personality and is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Every geometric design and floral pattern embossed in our pieces has been put there to pull together a sense of ornate richness. From bold colours such as raspberry and pink to subtler hues like black and grey, you are bound to find something that suits your taste. If you have a different colour in mind, we can have your bespoke bedroom cabinets custom painted. Our bespoke pieces will reflect your personality and unique style.

Luxury Bespoke Bedroom Cabinet Design

Ideal for both traditional and modern decor, bedroom cabinets also feature shelves and drawers to keep useful items. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and designs all handcrafted by professional Indian craftsmen whose skills have been passed down from generation to generation. At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we sell unique pieces that allow you decorate your bedroom in a style that truly reflects your personality. We can customise your bedroom cabinet from size and internal dimensions to decorative finishes and material types.

Our freestanding bedroom cabinets are designed around your needs, and to create the experience and feel that you want. As much as functional design is crucial, we understand the need for aesthetic durability, so we ensure that our pieces can deliver. Every piece of furniture we create is designed to last generations, ensuring that your money is well spent on a sustainable investment. At Iris, we offer bespoke bedroom cabinets with timeless style.

The Expert Craftsman You Do Not See

Using skills passed down from generation to generation, our skilled craftsmen in India use hand tools to shape geometric and floral designs, and then carefully lay the intricate patterns onto the tough hardwood surface, creating the beautiful bedroom cabinet that you purchase for your home.

Visit Our Furniture Showroom

You can have a look at our premade collection in our Brighton showroom where you can see, touch and feel a range of decorative finishes and styles.

Cost And Payment

Our policy of sustainably sourcing our materials helps our manufacturing process to remain environmentally friendly.

We also permit payment in instalments and assure you that there are no hidden costs.

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