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Bespoke walk-in wardrobe furniture that caters to your storage needs

Iris Bespoke Furniture was created from the need to provide high-quality bespoke home and office furniture for UK residents and businesses who are dissatisfied with the offerings from companies that make mass-produced furniture. Our commitment is to produce well-crafted furniture from the highest quality materials.

We develop bespoke furniture that is customised to fit an exact space and fulfil a specific need. Rather than buying off the shelf wardrobes, we will build you a walk-in wardrobe that is spacious enough to store your clothing and other items.

The process begins with a call and initial client briefing where we determine the space we are designing and take measurements. We work closely with UK homeowners to ensure that your luxury wardrobe is everything you wanted. From the number of drawers, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, colour, materials and style of finishing, your bespoke order is made to exceed your expectations.

With over 25 years designing and creating handcrafted furniture in the UK, we have risen to a position of being one the leading manufacturers of Indian inspired luxury furniture. Our glamorous walk-in closets are created to maximise all the space we are working with and will feature clever storage solutions that fully cater to your needs. Our gifted designers have completed hundreds of projects and are capable of fitting a walk-in wardrobe into any room, no matter the size or space.

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Bespoke walk-in wardrobes for homeowners who need more storage

A walk-in wardrobe is on the wish list of almost every UK homeowner and on every girl’s dream list. A separate room that houses all your shoes, bags, ties, clothes and accessories is a great idea for homeowners who have space.

It is a great way to enhance the look and function of your wardrobe from a crushed space that lacks proper ventilation to a spacious room that features innovative shelving options, whilst improving the livability of your bedroom.

As your life changes, you find that you have more clothes and less space to store them. The problem is worse if you have a partner who has a passion for fashion and high-end items. A walk-in wardrobe is practical, functional and makes it easy to house all your luxury items.

There is more airflow and ventilation which enables your clothes to breathe and prevents mould/mildew from gathering. This ensures that your clothes look better and last longer. Walk-in wardrobes make use of unused space in your home so there is minimal structural work to be done. Even when you’re extending a room, it doesn’t take as much money as you think to tap into that extra space.

It reduces the amount of floor space your bedroom wardrobe is stealing. You have more options for doors, shelving, drawers and cupboards. It makes use of high storage space and improves the layout of your bedroom, making it appear more spacious, inviting and luxurious.

Everyone who has come across a bespoke walk-in wardrobe admits that it is nicer than a built-in wardrobe. If you’re tired of crushing your expensive clothing into tiny wardrobes, Iris Bespoke Furniture will create the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams.

Made to measure walk-in wardrobes

With our bespoke furniture, you can have a beautiful wardrobe handcrafted to the highest standards by our skilled craftsmen in Rajasthani. Each piece of furniture that will be used in your bedroom is made to fit your existing space.

Our in-house designers go through your requirements to understand the kind of storage space you need. We measure the room and pay attention to the colour, style, wood material and sizes of furniture you feel will best fit your home. There will be lots of hanging space for your dresses, shirts and work wear.

Lighting is important in a walk-in wardrobe. Natural lighting is the best option to prevent mismatched clothes. Rooflights or windows are ideal. Where these are not possible we will build internal wardrobe lights and overhead lighting that illuminates and add to the existing décor. For shelving, some homeowners prefer open shelving whilst others prefer closed shelving.

We can add a mix of both so you store occasional wear in the open shelving and clothes you wear frequently in the closed shelving. We advise shallow open shelves for your regular shoes or a pull-out cupboard with racks to make the best of your space. We can divide the spaces for you and your partner. This way, you both know where everything is. You choose the type of doors you want from sliding doors that open in the middle or from either side. Decide on the type of wood to use, the finishing for each part, types of wardrobe benches, mirrors and exact made to measure designs you love. Iris Bespoke Furniture doesn’t use standard sized units, but your exact size to ensure the finished product fits well.

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Only the best craftsmanship for your luxurious bedroom furniture

Each rack, tray, shelf and storage space is made by our expert craftsmen. From your shelving units, slide-out shoe rack and hanging rails. We have factored in everything that makes it easy for you to access your jackets, shirts, shoes and trousers.

We can configure your walk-in wardrobe to sit above hanging rails if you want to store travel boxes or run the full height of the room. All the wood used in production is ethically sourced from managed forests, and our craftsmen always adhere to our established standard of ethical furniture production.

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Bespoke Luxury Walk-in wardrobes for all styles

Popular materials used in constructing a walk-in wardrobe include walnut and beech. To make the best of lighting in the walk-in wardrobe, you can choose finishes that brighten the room. Pearl is a good wood finish that makes your walk-in bedroom wardrobe look elegant and airy.

The clean lines of beech wood decorated in any versatile colour you choose will give your wardrobe a timeless finish. Other options for finishing include natural oak, English oak and dark olive.

Buying bespoke furniture is hassle-free with Iris

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we offer a staged payment plan that makes it easy for you to own your dream walk-in closet without exceeding your budget. It starts from the date you commissioned the project and you pay in installments until the project is completed.

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