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Do you need fitted wardrobes, bespoke home furniture, custom built bookcases or a chest of drawers? Whatever the case may be, Iris Bespoke Furniture can deliver beautifully crafted wooden pieces for your bedroom, designed and built to match your unique tastes and desires.

With Iris, design possibilities are vast, thanks to our master craftsmen in India and their finely-honed, centuries-old carpentry techniques. You can browse our catalogue to view a variety of pre-built pieces or visit our showroom in Brighton.

With more than 25 years’ experience delivering custom built furniture to the immense satisfaction of our UK clients, we are the perfect furniture and décor team to satisfy your needs.

Talk to us today to start building your dream interior décor. Regardless your unique tastes, we have diverse and unusual designs that not only look great, but also last a lifetime. Get the perfect furniture pieces to fit your space and suit your purpose with a striking effect that positively reinvents the look and feel of your bedroom.

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One Of A Kind Bespoke Bedroom Furniture Designs

Bespoke bedroom furniture is the perfect solution for those difficult to fill spaces and complicated storage needs. With our bespoke bedroom furniture designs, you’ll get perfectly tailor-made bedroom furniture that delivers optimum functionality, alongside stunning beauty.

Our tasteful range of excellent decorative finishes are bound to impress those with a refined sense of aesthetics. We commonly deliver unique pieces to satisfy the high standard and discerning tastes of our exclusive clientele, which includes some of the UK’s most luxurious hotels and individuals of note.

Convenient storage space in the form of wardrobes, drawers, chests and other furniture with clear surfaces, are some of the practical features of our tailor-made solutions. This way, you’ll enjoy a bespoke bedroom piece that’s not just great to look at, but also highly practical.

Your order will be beautifully fashioned with a high art finish, engraved on a solid wooden frame. Everything will be cut and planed according to exact measurements to ensure you get furniture with a perfect finish and superb quality that leaves a lasting impression.

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture Design That Sets Your Interior Apart

Your bedroom works best when everything you need is exactly where you need it to be. With our bespoke bedroom options, you’ll have access to table tops, storage, decorative pieces, seats and more to enhance the look, comfort and style of your bedroom.

You can order one-off furniture piece to fit any space and purpose of your choosing. This could be to organise clothes, shoes, and generally maintain the spaciousness of your bedroom.

We also deliver bespoke bedroom furniture in bulk to those in the UK who are designing their interior with a matching suite for the bedrooms. We are flexible in our approach to designing, which improves our capability to deliver custom pieces with a seamlessly stylish and unique finish.

The design and decorative finish you opt for is guaranteed to deliver a tasteful visual display carved into smooth, solid wood or soft sheen metal. The design is embossed for detail and depth, as well as to ensure the intricate patterns maintain their elegance for years to come.

Look through our catalogue for inlay mother of pearl and white metal furniture design options. You’ll definitely find something striking to expand your bedroom space and please the eye.

How We Bring Our Luxury Bespoke Bedroom Furniture Designs To Life

Designed around your vision and preferences, our free-standing bespoke bedroom furniture is crafted by our experts to deliver the feel, look, and experience you desire. By combining sensory satisfaction with emotional durability, we provide pieces whose beauty and excellence are designed to last a lifetime.

Our master craftsmen merge creative concepts and innovative aesthetics during the furniture building process to present a luxury and timeless piece that’s a class apart. This is achieved by applying durable designs through revered Indian carpentry techniques that are centuries old and guarantee usability and longevity with solid hardwood framework, panels and joinery.

The internal and external hardwood rosewood panels are carefully hand crafted and put together to form sturdy, yet smooth running wardrobes, chests of drawers, night tables and more. Also, as part of our commitment to sustainable design, we only use materials that are ethically and responsibly sourced. All materials go through a rigorous testing process to confirm their quality and ensure they are free of mdf or chipboard.

After the building process is completed, the piece’s design will be finished with a decorative surface of your choice. Our skilled craftsmen will use hand held tools to meticulously turn solid wood furniture into a distinctive art masterpiece that’s crafted with colourful inlay pieces of mother of pearl, shell, glass or ethically harvested camel bone. These are all put together in an exquisite ornamental design.

You can also pick the colour of your choice for a stunning effect or a naturalistic, tactile finish.

Not sure what bespoke bedroom furniture design will work best for you? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation with our décor and furniture experts.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Get The Perfect Bedroom Furniture Design, Custom Built To Match Your Preferred Style

Once you’ve decided on the perfect design and measurements for your bespoke piece, we will provide a quick and accurate no-obligation quote. Our prices are reasonable, and we can immediately get to work, delivering your piece once you place your order.

If you’re uncertain which bespoke design will make for the perfect bedroom accompaniment, we can provide a free design consultation. We have many valuable ideas to share with you concerning fitted furniture design and space-saving concepts.

You can also visit our showroom in Brighton to view and glean design ideas from our pre-made collection.  Feel free to come in and experience our bespoke pieces first hand, as well as ask for any assistance you might need.

For your own original piece of furniture, call us today. Dial 01273 671443 for a bespoke bedroom furniture design that combines tasteful art and excellent storage features to perfect your bedroom’s beauty and convenience.

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