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Iris Bespoke Furniture is a UK company known for the design and manufacture of bespoke, high-quality AV furniture. We use a different approach at Iris Bespoke Furniture to ensure that your finished work is original, unique and exclusive to your home. Our approach is one of excellent performance and aesthetically pleasing design.

Your bespoke furniture will be made to fit into an exact area of your home and perform a specific function. We work with the most gifted craftsmen in Northern India, who use a combination of centuries-old skills and our technical expertise with innovative designs, to handcraft a gorgeous piece that elevates your living room décor.

The Iris philosophy is a combination of quality, functionality and the appeal of well-made furniture. We design and manufacture a wide range of Audio Visual furniture including Home Cinema Cabinets, AV cabinets, Hi-Fi Stands, TV cabinets and Media Walls. We consider the existing interior décor of your home, IR access, cable management and other equipment issues when designing your luxury AV furniture.

For over 12 years we have perfected our skills to deliver high quality, handcrafted furniture to UK residents. Great customer service is central to everything we do. Our primary goal is to create strong, beautiful furniture that works hard for you and grows with your family.

Handcrafted Audio Visual Furniture For Any Hobby

In a new world dominated by AV décor, dusty conference rooms and boring boxy products have given way to AV environments that are inspiring, comfortable and creative. Both in homes and offices, you’ll find a large collection of entertainment systems that cater to every interest.

This especially rings true for homeowners who are gaming, movie or music fans. Your electrical accessories are part of the experience, but the problem for your stylish home is how to store all the accessories, wires and consoles whilst retaining an aesthetic look that flows naturally with your living room décor.

This is where Iris Bespoke Furniture comes in. We create a customised audio-visual furniture unit that turns your living room into a smart media hub. Electrical equipment, gaming CDs, 3D games and other accessories are hidden away, but, with easy access when you need them.

Think of your living room without the clutter of messy cables and wires. We will drill holes to thread cables for a streamlined solution, and we include a false back to cover wires internally and hide them completely from view. We can also include removable shelves. This way, it’s easy for you to redecorate when your taste changes. You move wires and add new systems whilst maintaining a neat display.

This is not an option that you will enjoy with a flat-pack purchase that limits you to the available style on offer. It is very difficult to find one that fits your personality or existing home design. Whether you love a perfect symmetry or asymmetrical look we can help. We also provide a range of minimalist displays that can be made to exact specifications for your home entertainment system.
The benefit of a bespoke audio-visual unit is that we can design it around existing furniture such as a bookcase, cabinet or fireplace. It incorporates fully and becomes the focal point of the room, ensuring a trendy look.

If you have children with different interests, we can create different shelving options that cater to their individual needs. One person who is enthusiastic about movies has their own drawers and the other person who loves Video games has a place for their gaming console.

A Range Of High-Quality Audio Visual Furniture For Every Style And Design

We can create unique, high-quality AV furniture that is part cabinet, part shelf and part TV stand. Think of it as the ultimate living room storage that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. For added function and effect, we include LED strip-lighting around the AV furniture.

Keep your TV and audio equipment above floor level and away from children with a TV lift mechanism. We often get requests from clients whose aesthetic preferences mean that regular AV furniture won’t fit the purpose. Our media walls are perfect, as they draw attention to the TV and nothing else.

Whatever your style or preference from classic oak, white metal TV cabinet, walnut wall mounted AV unit, rustic reclaimed wood AV unit or even a DJ AV furniture unit, our designers and craftsmen will create a bespoke piece of furniture that fits in perfectly.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Choose From Over 20 Finishes, Styles And Design

The most amazing feature of Iris Bespoke Furniture is that you have free reign to design your audio visual furniture. Our metal workers use mango or Sheesham wood for your white metal glass TV cabinet. It is covered in a nickel alloy and polished for a deep shine. We use varnish, oil, wax or lacquer to finish your walnut and other wood-based AV cabinet. Sandpaper and a hand oil wax give it a glossy look.

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If you are looking for something else entirely from what you’ve seen on our site, or you want to tweak a design that you’ve seen, please give us a call. Our designers are excited to help you plan your dream living room furniture.

Commissioning A Bespoke Project Doesn’t Cost A Fortune With Iris Bespoke Furniture

Our goal is to make the process of buying luxury furniture as painless as possible. We have a staged payment plan spread from the date that you commission your project until the time of completion. This way, you’re paying in parts instead of paying one lump sum.

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