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Iris bespoke furniture is renowned worldwide as designers and creators of bespoke alcove furniture units for the discerning market. Over the years, we have become a household name all over the globe – and especially in the UK – as a company that delivers stunning, built to spec living room alcove furniture and units.

Customers in the UK are attracted to Iris bespoke furniture because of the originality of our design and the quality of materials used. Our custom-made alcove units – as well as our wide range of living room furniture – are all you need to give your home a much-deserved upgrade.

A lot of thought, skill and experience go into the creation of our stunning living room alcove units, so that they perfectly fit your space, purpose and personality. In fact, our ability to fit function to style is one of the reasons we have a huge following of satisfied customers all over the UK. Our stylishly designed alcove units will certainly add character to your already impressive living room.

Are you looking for a way to make your living room stand out, take advantage of alcove spaces and be a delight to yourself and your visitors? If so, then you’re our next customer.

Take advantage of our range of living room alcove units, beautifully built to strike a balance between function and design.
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Unique Alcove Units: Function And Style

If you find that space is scarce in your home, Iris bespoke furniture can provide the perfect solution. We have living room alcove furniture units that will convert your overlooked alcove and make it a fully functional part of your living room space. Our living room alcove cabinets come in a variety of styles; as a standalone cabinet that can store your living room essentials, combined with a bookcase, where you can display your impressive books collection or with floating shelves, where you can place awards and memorable items.

It doesn’t matter if your home is built in the original English design or more akin to modern architecture; as long as your living room has an alcove, our alcove units can convert it into a fully functional part of your home. Besides building bespoke cabinets that can house a variety of living room essentials, you can opt for any of our unique design pieces that are more design than function. Utilise your living room to the fullest. Call us on 01273 671443 to talk with an expert about the best way to upgrade your living room.

Add Character To Your Living Room

Instantly give your living room a curated look by placing bespoke alcove furniture units in alcoves and other living room spaces. These beautifully designed masterpieces can go on either side of your fireplace or into the recesses in your living room wall as TV stands, cupboards, bookcases and so on. Built-in furniture units in alcoves will make a fantastic addition to any home and convert your living room into a place that is equally relaxing and versatile.

Create even more space by adding built to spec shelves in alcoves where you can place photos of loved ones, display awards and memorabilia or simply give your home more character.

At Iris bespoke furniture, our made to measure alcove units will give your home an amazing amount of usable space, enhance the look and feel of your living room, as well as allow for better productivity. If you feel that your living room is ready for an upgrade and are considering some bespoke furniture for your alcoves, take a look at our alcove furniture units to get inspired.

Stylish Living Room Furniture That Shows Your Personality

Do you know that how you arrange your living room is the quickest way to reveal your personality?

Furniture placement, use of colours and design pattern say a lot about who you are to people who look out for such things. For this reason, it’s best to use furniture, colours and design style that portray you in the best light possible.

At Iris bespoke furniture, our bespoke living room alcove units are guaranteed to do just that. When working with you, we can create bespoke units that will properly describe your personality and at the same time, use colour and design styles that exude a soothing influence in your living room.

All our bespoke alcove units are made to seamlessly marry function and appeal, whilst at the same time, completely blend in with the existing décor of your living room. Based on your unique requirements, we can match our alcove units to the existing materials and colouring of your walls and floor, incorporating good use of space to work with your existing home equipment, such as a TV or home entertainment system.

In fact, we can design any alcove furniture unit as per your requirements, so that it suits your needs and provides your home with enough storage, putting your living room up there among the list of premium living rooms that can compete with those in magazines.

Our bespoke living room alcove furniture is also perfect for luxury hotels, holiday homes and offices. We can improve your space and make it different. Why not take a look around our website to see samples of our wonderful products.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Bespoke Alcove Units, Built To Specs, Built To Last

If you’re looking for bespoke furniture that will help you properly utilise the space in your living room alcove, you should peruse our range of alcove furniture solutions.

Totally designed with you in mind, our alcove furniture units for living rooms are crafted by experts to suit your excellent taste, storage and style requirements. Design is completely married with function and stability to give your living room a first-rate personality.

Our materials are of the highest premium quality and properly sourced from all the right channels, then given a unique finish to complement your tastes and expectations. Each and every one of our masterpieces are designed to last a long time, making your bespoke furniture a worthwhile investment. Because your satisfaction is the foundation of our business, we always make sure to put your requirements and expectations in mind when building the units that will liven up your home.

Need more information on our bespoke alcove furniture? Send us an enquiry via our contact page.

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Because you matter to us, we are always available to discuss your living room furniture needs with you every day of the week, during the regular office hours.

Our experts will provide suggestions and offer you a free, no obligation quote. You can reach us by email or phone at your convenience. Contact us today for bespoke living room furniture and give your home the personality that suits you.

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