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Do you need extra storage space in your bedroom, but don’t want to compromise on aesthetics? Iris Bespoke Furniture can solve this for you with a bespoke bedroom wardrobe that’s custom built to suit your unique needs.

Our bespoke furniture building process ensures you’ll receive a unique bedroom wardrobe unlike anything else. Every bespoke bedroom wardrobe we provide is built with luxury and practicality in mind. The interior furniture you order will be carved from the finest quality Rosewood by master Indian craftsmen, utilising refined ancient techniques and tools.
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Why A Bespoke Bedroom Wardrobe Is The Best Option For Your Interior Furnishing

The look and feel of your bedroom are key to your optimal enjoyment of that space. The room must have a relaxing aura that calms your senses and leaves you feeling at peace and suitably rested. With one of our bespoke bedroom wardrobes, you can upgrade your bedroom to one where space is optimised and the aesthetics are elevated.

Our hand-crafted bedroom wardrobes are designed to grace your special space and provide sufficient storage to manage a variety of items, both large and small. To match your unique storage needs, we will provide a wardrobe whose external dimensions fit perfectly into your room and internal dimensions are designed to store whatever it is you have in mind.

We accomplish this by first understanding your unique needs, then taking accurate measurements. After settling on a design that best matches the aesthetics of your bedroom and unique tastes, we will liaise with our master craftsmen in India regarding design and function of the bedroom wardrobe. The end result is a made to measure bespoke bedroom wardrobe that’s perfect in every sense. The finished product will be imported to the UK and delivered right to your doorstep, with no hassle on your part.

Gorgeous Bespoke Bedroom Wardrobe Designs To Make Your Interior Décor Vision A Reality

Regardless whether your desire is better storage space with deeper drawers and more hanging room, Iris Bespoke Furniture can deliver a customised bedroom wardrobe that fully satisfies. Our custom-built solutions aren’t just wholly practical, but also gorgeous to behold.

Based on your design choice, we’ll deliver a beautifully fashioned bespoke bedroom wardrobe with a high art finish. This will be delivered on a solid wood structure with smooth running drawers and closets that are cut and perfectly crafted to match your exact measurements and specifications.

With a bedroom wardrobe that’s custom crafted to satisfy your precise storage needs, neat storage of clothing and other items becomes easy as well as enjoyable.

Before enjoying the functionality of your hand-built wardrobe furniture, the first thing you will appreciate is the superb quality and beauty of your custom piece.

The quality and beauty of our pieces are designed to last a life time. You can order unique and unusual designs that are specifically crafted to suit your unique purposes. This will deliver a striking effect that positively transforms the view and feel of your bedroom.

We have available a diverse range of decorative finishes you can pick from to create impressive visual display pieces. Opt for a smooth, solid wood or soft sheen metal; either way, what you’ll get is furniture with intricate pattern designs that express ornate richness and imbue your bedroom space with sumptuous indulgence.

We have inlay mother of pearl and white metal furniture designs to choose from to create your distinct furniture masterpiece. Browse our catalogue today for a perfect tailor-made solution for your bedroom needs. The stunning decorative finish and refined aesthetics of your completed wardrobe is bound to leave you happy with your bedroom décor for years to come.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Space Saving And Statement Making Custom Bedroom Wardrobes That Leave A Lasting Impression

We have over 12 years of creating beautiful, stunning bespoke bedroom furniture. When you need a bespoke free-standing wardrobe that’s designed to last, make a statement and mould your bedroom into a tasteful space, we are the people you need to talk to.

We specialise in delivering luxury furniture to improve the homes of individuals with diverse tastes. We also provide custom pieces to those in the hospitality business. Rest assured, your delivered wardrobe will be just the way you want it, with everything made to just the right height. Our expansive storage solutions are made to measure, thus ensuring perfect and elegant storage for your garments.

It can also feature an ornamented display to help you better enjoy your luxury piece. We deliver regardless, whether you need a one-off furniture piece to best utilise a specific space in your bedroom or multiple pieces to better organise clothing and keep things feeling tidy and spacious.

You can request the wardrobe’s internal storage space to be divided into shelving, cupboard and hanging space, with various compartments for clothing, shoes or other items. Trust us for bespoke furniture that works best to deliver elegant aesthetics and organised space to your satisfaction.

We Are The Trusted Experts To Talk To For A Customised Interior Wardrobe

Throughout the crafting stage, we collaborate with our seasoned craftsmen to ensure a finished wardrobe that’s perfect in every aspect. Our custom furniture builders take a creative approach to satisfying your individual furniture needs with a piece built just for you.

We only make use of ethically sourced materials, such as our seasoned hardwood for the creation of our bespoke pieces. Consider our bespoke bedroom wardrobes when you’re unwilling to settle for nothing less than the perfect luxury furniture piece.

For your own original piece, call us today and we’ll provide a comprehensive quote. We promise there are no hidden charges and that your finished bespoke bedroom wardrobe will be worth the price and far more. You can even pay in instalments for your convenience.

You can also visit our showroom in Brighton to experience in person some of our luxury bespoke furniture. Call 01273 671443 today for a bespoke wardrobe that combines tasteful art and perfect storage.

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