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Tailor-Made Luxury Handmade Bedroom Wardrobe Doors

There’s nothing to say you can’t change the doors on your wardrobe to enhance the look of your room. It’s a brilliant way to inject some character into the bedroom, without having to install a new wardrobe entirely. At Iris, our hinged replacement wardrobe doors brilliantly fuse traditional and modern styles, resulting in a unique feel. Because we offer a bespoke service, you can enjoy every aspect of the door – from the drawer front to the cupboard door -customised to your exact specifications.

Instead of opting for wardrobe doors from a regular furniture store,you can have all the flexibility you need with Iris Furnishings. With several designs to choose from and a wide variety of finishes, you’ll be sure to find a design to suit your room.
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Creating Your Bespoke Bedroom Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobes come in a variety of styles and so do our wardrobe doors. In addition to making new doors for your wardrobe, we also create other doors and panels to match; these include end panels, bath panels, top boxes, drawer fronts and more. There’s virtually no limit to what you can achieve with your wardrobe doors. To ensure the look is coordinated, we offer panels and drawer fronts made to your specifications.

From cornices to kickboards and pelmets, we offer door accessories to ensure your chosen design is complete. At Iris, we pay keen attention to detail throughout the process, from start to finish. Using the best quality materials, we produce furniture solid enough to last a lifetime. With the original designs and superb craftsmanship our team delivers, you can rest assured you’ll get only unique, aesthetically pleasing furniture that can stand the test of time.

Tailor Made Bedroom Wardrobe Doors You’ll Love Forever

Having spent several years in the industry, designing and producing furniture, our taste for quality and perfection is more refined than ever. Each and every one of our wardrobe doors is made with love and meticulous care, from design through to completion. Made to suit your specific requirements, no one else is likely to have the exact same piece. With the option to decide everything from the decorative style to the finish, you’ll get a piece that truly reflects your personal preference.

From design to completion of the project, you can expect an exceptionally professional service. Whatever the style of your home, our wardrobe doors can be made to fit right in, all the while adding a unique flavour, allowing you to enjoy the new elegance of your space-saving solution.

Stunning Aesthetics With Exceptional Style

Over the 12 years we’ve been delivering top grade Indian-made furniture to the UK, we have mastered the art of helping customers achieve the home of their dreams. With the exact mix of colours you have in mind and the precise dimensions required, we deliver stylish and functional bedroom wardrobe doors. Our contemporary take on more traditional styles and forms makes for a stunning aesthetic.

There’s no limit to how much you can personalise your living space when you choose Iris Bespoke Furniture. Let us help you create wardrobe doors that can fill your room with a beauty that reflects who you really are. With the right tones, colours and form, the pieces we create will create a beautiful room.

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Bespoke Wardrobe Doors In A Variety Of Decorative Finishes And Styles

If you’re eager to change your tired-looking fitted wardrobe doors, there’s no better way than with made to measure replacements. Without too much effort, our bespoke wardrobe doors let you refresh the look of your bedroom in no time at all. We have a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, all made to any size you want. We’re just the right choice if you have a wardrobe of an odd size or shape, without suitable door replacement options in the general market.

We owe our unique style to a team of brilliant  local Indian artisans who use hand tools and ancient techniques to create visually appealing intricate patterns and designs. The geometric and floral designs make for incredibly ornate pieces that can bring an air of luxury into any room.

Timeless Luxury Bedroom Furniture Design

Whatever the kind or form of wardrobe doors you currently have, from sliding to swinging doors, we can create a replacement door that fits just right. With our range of high-quality finishes and timeless designs available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes, we are certain you’ll find numerous options to get excited about.

The luxurious feel of our furniture can transform your space completely. Our pieces stand out, whilst perfectly complementing the surroundings.

Crafted By Talented Artisans

Our pieces are crafted by talented artisans, who are adept at using their hand tools to create intricate patterns. Using techniques and styles passed down from generation to generation, they create beautiful traditional art, rendered in contemporary form.

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