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Iris Bespoke Furniture is an independent retailer with over 25 years’ experience bringing fine Indian furnishings to the UK. It is our goal to expose more people to some of the elegant traditions of Indian craftsmanship. Our genuine passion for unique Indian-made furniture is rooted in on our close relationship with the region. We have developed an understanding of the traditions, language and history of India over many years and we hope to share that with you.

For every client we work with and every home we help to transform, we are keen to deliver unique pieces rich with character and personality. To help us do this, we deliver a bespoke service that allows you to customise your furniture as much as you would like. From the colours to the motifs and decorative styles, as well as the dimensions and sizes, every piece of furniture we make for you will be tailored to meet your needs.

We treasure sustainability and the preservation of tradition, so all the materials we use are ethically sourced to ensure that the planet does not have to bear the cost of our manufacturing process. Having developed close ties with the local artisans who make our furniture, we are motivated to maintain an ethical working environment. Every piece of furniture we sell has been meticulously crafted by talented craftsmen using skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. You will not only have a unique piece of furniture in your home, but one that embraces an ancient craft.

We feel that a home should be inspiring, peaceful and calm, at the same time as being long lasting. To achieve this, we at Iris Bespoke Furniture, intentionally create furniture designed to fit perfectly in both traditional and modern homes. No matter the style or look you have in mind, our pieces will always be a good fit.

Whether you decide to go bespoke or decide pick an item from our shop, you will not be charged any differently. If you opt for a bespoke piece, we will need the height, width and depth you have in mind, as well as the style you want. Other details necessary to help us create a piece that reflects your personality include the colour and finish.

You can choose from metal, painted, bone inlay and mother of pearl inlay. To ensure you are satisfied with your order, you’ll be sent pictures of your furniture before it leaves India.

There is no part of the home that cannot benefit from beautiful made to measure furniture, whether it is in your workspace, living room, bedroom, office, home study, or an awkward alcove. From neutral stylistic expression which complements a contemporary decor style to colourful designs which breathe new life into a tired room, our tailored service ensures you will have uniquely crafted furniture perfect for your space.

Ours is a luxury service intended to best ordinary store-bought furniture on every front. We aim to make ordering bespoke items which complete the look for your space easy and straightforward. We took time to develop a process to make it easy to order your custom made furniture.

Before anything else, you will have to consider the item you need and where you want to put it. Think of all the different ways you could use it and then decide what internal and external dimensions and measurements will be ideal for you. By now, you should also have an idea of the decorative finishes, patterns, designs and colours you would like.

Contact us for a quote and we can help you put in all the finishing touches. Before the furniture gets to you, all you need to pay is a deposit, with the remainder of your purchase price payable only when the furniture is ready to be delivered to your home. At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we want to give you the luxury of choice by ensuring that you can decide between several different shades and decorative finishes. No matter which one you choose, we guarantee nothing less than an expertly crafted piece of distinctive made to measure furniture to bring you lasting pleasure. It does not matter if you are not sure exactly what you want your furniture to look like. We can work out the details with you once you have a basic idea.

Beautiful and practical is how we design our furniture. Our pieces are more than simple pieces of furniture, the centuries of finely honed craftsmanship ensure that each piece is a work of art, with delicately shaped ornamentation and intricate designs.

We use solid mango or sheesham wood to make sure you not only have a decorative piece, but also a strong hardwood frame to ensure longevity, durability and resilience. Ideal for home, commercial and office environments, our pieces are made to last a lifetime. Combined with skilled workmanship and carpentry techniques, you can rest assured that you will have both functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture.

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we approach every piece of furniture as a unique project. Our creative team tasks itself with creating beautifully handcrafted bespoke furniture that is authentic and unique.

Restaurants, hotels, offices and other spaces enjoy the breath of fresh air our furnishings bring into them. Beautiful, and certain to draw attention, our unique pieces are designed to help translate your ideas for your space into reality.

Online shopping makes it easy to buy your furniture, but we also understand the need for a more hands on approach to making furniture purchases. To that end, our showroom in Brighton is open for you to have a look, as well as touch and feel our furniture before you commit. Book an appointment today and learn more about Iris Bespoke Furniture and our manufacturing process.

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