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Bespoke Classic Furniture for your luxury home

For over 12 years, Iris Bespoke Furniture has designed, built and installed bespoke classic furniture in homes and offices across the UK and internationally. Our furniture has the highest level of quality and this makes it distinguishable from other bespoke furniture. Our work is also all-encompassing. From making a single living room sofa to building an entire collection for your bedroom and kitchen.

Iris Bespoke Furniture applies a dedicated level of care and attention when making your furniture to ensure it fits your original design. We work with some of the finest craftsmen in Northern India who use centuries-old techniques to craft your bespoke furniture, and we only use the highest quality wood to ensure that your furniture retains its’ value.

Our skilled artisans can make bedroom chests of drawers, brass stools, antique tables, chairs and period furniture. We take your original idea and turn it into an eye-catching piece that incorporates style and function.

Get started on your bespoke furniture project by calling us or sending an email and we’ll arrange your design consultation. The aim of the meeting is to gather details of your furniture that will guide the style and specifications of the project.

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Stunning Bespoke Classic Furniture for your Home

One thing that never goes out of style in an ever-changing world is classic furniture. It has managed to retain its elegance, surpassing styles that couldn’t withstand changing eras. Classic furniture is value for money because it will be relevant forever.

You reduce your carbon footprint when you invest in classic furniture. All materials are ethically sourced from managed forests where several trees are planted for every tree harvested. Our classic furniture is well made. It is made by hand and given the perfect finish to ensure it is durable. Classic furniture stays in style, and continues to look beautiful.

It makes a statement wherever you place it, and a few mix and match pieces along with contemporary furniture gives your home a unique character and draws attention to the classic furniture. It might cost more, but the value you enjoy makes it a worthwhile exercise.

Classic furniture offers an array of styles and choices to choose from. If you need a dining table, bar stool, living room tables and chairs, bedroom side tables and dresser, Iris Bespoke Furniture will create a luxury piece that transforms your home. The pieces will be completely unique and not mass produced, so you don’t have to worry about seeing a replicated version elsewhere.

Timeless furniture that never goes out of style

Need stylish storage for your drinks? Iris has a stunning mother of pearl drinks cabinet that is a timeless piece. We can make the furniture in any colour you would like, including blue, yellow, pink and black. Our oriental piece is a beautiful celebration of elegance, style and class, and it is the perfect storage for your bottles of alcohol. The top shelf is ideal for glasses and mixers, making it the perfect solution for mixing drinks.

If you have silverware, accolades and awards to display, our clean-cut white distressed glass door cabinet adds elegance to your home. We use sustainably sourced reclaimed Indian hardwood to make this furniture, and the skilled craftsmanship of our artisans gives it a classic vintage look to ensure your piece is timeless.

If you love bright colours in your bedroom, we will make a gorgeous painted chest of drawers with intricate flower designs. We can make it feature 4 to 6 drawers, use a finish you love and size it to fit perfectly into any corner of your home. If you are looking for a statement piece for your living room, an Embossed Antique Brass Side Table could be a good option. It is made from solid wood and coated with a brass sheet. We can customise it to your preferred height and size to ensure it fits your living room.

If you have an awkward corner in your bedroom, our Purple Slim bone 4 Drawer Beside is the perfect fit. Your freestanding luxury furniture replaces clutter with elegant order whilst elevating your bedroom. Bring the regal elegance enjoyed by Indian kings of into your bedroom for a classic look. We could make a matching oriental dressing table, mosaic mirror or mother of pearl wardrobe that complements this design.

Luxury finishing for your bespoke furniture

All our furniture is made with high-quality Sheesham or mango wood for its durability and moisture resistant properties. Our furniture is crafted by gifted Indian artisans who use a mix of centuries-old techniques and modern furniture methods to create your bespoke furniture. Our Indian floral design will be made to fit your preferred style and design, and we offer patterns and colours for bespoke ordering. We can add an extra shelf or two to your drawers, use a different width for your antique drinks cabinet and include a unique floral pattern that makes the furniture entirely yours.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Call us today to order your bespoke classic furniture

If you have a picture of a piece of furniture you want us to work with, love one of our designs or wish to alter it to fit perfectly into a room, we are happy to work with you. Getting your bespoke furniture begins with calling or emailing us to book your free design consultation.

Buying luxury classic furniture doesn’t cost a fortune with Iris Bespoke Furniture

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we want everyone who wants bespoke furniture to own it. From your living room to your bedroom and dining room, we have furniture that fits. We also offer a staged payment plan spread out over a defined period.

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