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Add Character To Your Room With Bookshelves And Bookcases From Iris Bespoke Furniture

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we are one of the leading designers and creators of bespoke bookcases and bookshelves in the UK. We build freestanding and built in handcrafted bookcases, shelving units and libraries for your home, school or office. Our bespoke shelving solutions are practical, durable and made with the highest quality materials.

You have complete control throughout the planning and design process. You determine the number of shelves, colour, type of wood, size and style of the bookcase. Your furniture is made using your ideas and requirements to ensure that the finished work is something you are happy with.

Our Indian inspired handcrafted bookcases are perfect for hiding TV screens, storing your large collection of books, digital equipment, DVDs and more, and our bespoke handmade bookcases are functional, solid and stylish. We maximise all of your available space to ensure that the furniture fits perfectly.
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Your bespoke bookshelves are made by our gifted artisans and woodworkers in India. They are a focal point of your room as well as serving as excellent storage for audio-visual equipment. Your bespoke bookshelf can be made from floor to ceiling height and we can also include a library ladder to enable you to reach the higher shelves.

Choose your favourite colour, a combination of wood and style of furniture. If you want to blend your shelving with the existing design, ensuring that you get the type of shelving you would like is our primary focus.

A Highly Personalised Bookshelf That Is An Extension Of You

Your bookshelf is a representation of everything that is important to you. It holds your history, present and future all in one place, and a guest can tell a lot about your personality just by leafing through your collection. It is a universal addition to your home that has to be both unique and also reflect your love of books.

A bookshelf is something you will find in almost every home. For those who don’t have a lot of space, getting creative with available space is crucial to having your dream home. The right bookshelf enhances your interior décor, is convenient and acts as storage. The look of the book shelf and its location can change the appearance of a room, so, each design you choose will be made to fit your existing home décor or contrast in a way that draws attention to itself.

Every part of your available space can be covered. From the floor to ceiling, the top of the television, even decoders and gaming consoles. Everything in your tight space will get a comfortable home. A high-quality bookshelf will transform your contemporary home into an organized, spacious and warm room.

However, it’s not just books you place on your bookcases. There are a myriad of objects including framed photographs of your loved ones, home stereo system, vinyl, CDs, Blu-Rays, shoes, clothing, business files and more. You can keep your exotic plants, decorative candles, beautiful glass jars, figurines and trinkets on your bookshelf.

You’re saving space, getting easy access to things you would normally miss, increasing the warmth and appeal of your home, showing off your personality and decluttering your space all with one piece of exquisitely designed furniture.

Handmade Luxury Bookcases And Shelves

Our custom made bookcases are built to make the most of your existing space and to naturally integrate the new bookcase into its setting. Your custom bookcase can include cupboard space below and a shelf above if you want to store heavy items such as your gaming console. The cupboards also offer more space for hiding items you might not want to be seen.

If you have a home office, we will handcraft a bespoke solution that transforms your room into an organised, creative space. A wall-to-wall bookcase fits easily into any corner of the room and will be designed to your specific requirements.

For smaller spaces, floor to ceiling bookcases are ideal, they fill the room and increase the height. They can be manufactured to your style, size and colour preference.

A mounted book shelf is also great for smaller spaces. It can be mounted above the sofa or around the TV to make the most of wall space, and you can add depth to a living room with a built-in bookcase made of solid wood. We can make a contemporary piece featuring cube shelving, square shelving or thick chunky shelves.

For a small home office, a corner bookcase filled with your books is ideal. A simple alcove bookcase in the corner would also be easy to access. For period homes, you need an elegant bookcase that complements the existing décor and beautifies the room.  If you have a luxury home with a large space, a large oak bookshelf from one end of the room to the other with a multi-shelving unit will be the star attraction.

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High-Quality Custom Finishing For Your Handcrafted Furniture

Every bookcase and bookshelf is created with the best materials and our professional finishing. The finishing is just as important as the type of material because it makes the work shine. Iris Bespoke Furniture offers a wide range of wood finishes including oil finishes, lacquer coats, sanding, sealer coats or our special in-house finish.

Beautiful Designs Complemented By Detailed Craftsmanship

When you choose Iris Bespoke Furniture to create your custom furniture, you get access to the best British designers who work with Indian artisans to achieve your finished product. Our craftsmen in India use centuries-old techniques to create your bespoke bookshelf. All the wood and other materials used in production are ethically sourced from managed forests, and we have an established standard for production that minimises our carbon footprint.

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If you’re ready to place an order or you have more questions, please call our phone number or send us an email and one of our friendly design consultants will get back to you. You can also call us if you want something specific that is not on our website.

Commissioning A Bespoke Project Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

We offer a staged payment spread throughout the duration of the project, where you pay in installments until the project is completed.

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