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Intuitive Designs To Match The Personality Of Your Home Or Commercial Bar

Whether you’re trying to set up a luxurious bar at home or in a public setting, you’ll need Iris Bespoke Furniture to create strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing bar furniture that elevates your surroundings and sets the tone for a memorable night.

The right bar furniture transforms your space into a sanctuary of happy conversation and good times. From wood blends, traditional leather, metal combination and contemporary acrylic, the options are limitless with Iris Bespoke Furniture.

Over the years, Iris has emerged as the foremost designer and manufacturer of bespoke bar furniture in the UK. We build a diverse range of whole bars, divider screens, booths and fixed seating. We’ve worked with private individuals, restaurants, hotels and pubs across the UK to deliver stunning bar furniture that increased client base and served a specific purpose.

We pride ourselves on taking great care in handcrafting bar furniture to fit your exact standards. We’ll make your free-standing bar furniture to fit your taste and style. From traditional to contemporary finishes, our range of fitted public and home bars is limitless.

If you have a design in mind or something specific you want us to create, our friendly design consultants are waiting to schedule a free design consultation to get the ball rolling.
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Communicate With High-Quality Bar Furniture

A great interior design determines to a large extent how your patrons will interact with your bar. It sets the mood for casual, conversational, elite or traditional. For instance, the type of bar stool you choose speaks to both the personality and style of the space.

It complements the décor of the entire bar and makes it easy for customers to identify with. For example, if you use high-quality leather, wool or silk bar stools, your customers will see your bar as a top-shelf space for elite customers, who can afford to pay well for good service.

Furnishing a bar requires planning. The right chairs and tables are crucial in the hospitality sector. Beyond functionality, this communicates with your customers in a secret language only the best bespoke bar furniture makers (such as Iris) have mastered.

Consider the overall aesthetics of the bar or restaurant and the general atmosphere. Also, think of the acoustics in the room. For open spaces, wood and other material that reverberates will work well. For closed space, we can use materials that absorb sound.

We can advise you with regards the right furniture which has a direct influence on your bar’s personality and the image you want to project. For instance, bench seats imply that your bar is cosy and comfortable, whereas large tables invite groups. Meanwhile, luxury furniture attracts high-end clients.

If your customers are comfortably seated, they are likely to have a good time, spend more money and be uneager to leave. Comfort is also related to the weight and size of your bar stool, which makes it easier to move around. We can make your bar furniture to any requirement. If you need high counter stools, medium height bar stools, wooden benches and tables, metal furniture or any type of bar furniture, we will make it to your exact specification.

You Design, We Create

When you think of a bar, do you imagine a traditional bar with wooden furniture, spindle back chairs and large tables? Are you imagining a cocktail bar table finished with chrome and leather seats?

Whatever image you have in mind, bespoke furniture allows it to become a reality. For home bars, comfort is paramount. You’re going to spend more time drinking here, because you don’t have to watch your limits or behavior; therefore, you can let go and have fun with friends and family. We will make beautiful stools that keep you comfortable for hours.

While rich, solid wood is a popular option, there are also other choices to consider. A stainless steel or wrought iron bar stool (featuring leather upholstery) is certainly a good option. We can paint it in purple, blue or any other colour that brightens the room.

Height matters when choosing bar furniture. Therefore, we will create furniture for various heights to ensure your guests don’t feel alienated when they visit. You’ll also need a table that is proportionate to the bar or it might look awkward if guests have to lift their back just to steady themselves.

For your home bar, we can create a full home bar cabinet system, room divider cabinet, antique bar cabinet and a glass display cabinet. For seating, we can make a high stool set, metal swivel bar stool, chrome bar stools with backrests, chrome leather bar seats and adjustable seats with a steel base.

Each of these options is fully customisable into any style or shape of your choosing. If you want something specific that isn’t on our website, we can also make it in your desired size, height, shape and style.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Unique Finishes For Your Bar Furniture

High-quality Epoxy coating is the popular choice for most bar top finishes, working on stainless steel and wood. The transparent finish ensures your commercial bar top doesn’t crack or fade over time. For commercial bar tables, lacquer is a popular finish for a protective and durable coating.

Notably, oil or water-based finish is used for home bars. Meanwhile, varnish is an oil-based finish for wood furniture. Polyurethane is a durable finish that comes in acrylic or oil base. It is harder and more durable than lacquer. Tung oil is a natural finish for most bar tables and can be used for residential and commercial bars.

Experienced Craftsmanship For Your Premium Quality Bar Furniture

We work with some of the most gifted craftsmen in India, who use an age-old technique to create beautiful tables and chairs that are strong and aesthetically pleasing. We work closely with them to ensure they adhere to our high standards of furniture production.

Call Us Today To Commission Your Bespoke Bar Furniture

If you love what you’ve seen on our site or aren’t sure about the right bar furniture, our design consultants are eagerly waiting to hear from you. We can help you choose bar furniture that creates the very atmosphere you desire.


Buying Bespoke Bar Furniture Won’t Break The Bank With Iris

With Iris Bespoke Furniture, buying luxury bar stools, tables and chairs won’t deplete your savings. We offer a staged payment plan that eases any burden for our high-end customers.

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