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Are you in need of high-end bedroom furniture to enhance the luxury and beauty of your bedroom, as well as set it apart from the rest? At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we can deliver this in the form of luxury custom-built bedroom wall unit furniture.

We don’t deal in generic wall units, but bespoke bedroom wall units, built by master craftsmen in India from the finest of hardwoods. Each piece is something different, which means you can order multiple pieces that are unlike anything else out there. For your own special bespoke bedroom wall unit furniture – or even a whole set of them – contact us today.

You can also look through our catalogues to browse the various designs and styles we presently have available. We can provide made to measure bedroom wall units for personal use in your home or for decorative, yet functional furnishing in the rooms of your luxury hotel.

By working with Iris Bespoke Furniture for your next interior décor project, you’re bound to have a one-of-a-kind space that’s all elegance.

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What are our Bespoke Bedroom Wall units Furniture?

Our company has been a leading player in the UK furniture business for more than 25years now. We work with clientele of specific and exclusive tastes, who prefer tailor-made solutions for their furnishing needs. We satisfy these needs by delivering top-of-the-line furniture imported directly from the workshop of master craftsmen in India.

Each piece we deliver is designed to be unlike anything else out there to ensure the exclusivity and uniqueness of the product that each of our clients receive. Simply tell us what you need and the space you’d like to fill, and we’ll provide you design and style options for a bespoke furniture piece that’s all about sophistication and class.

One of the most commonly requested bespoke furniture pieces from our collection are our wall units. These make a great fit for bedrooms in need of a decorative, yet functional piece to enhance the room’s beauty and maximise storage space.

Regardless the size or style of your bedroom, we can provide a variety of designs and styles for a perfect fit. We’ll take accurate measurements of the wall unit’s dimensions and create a truly bespoke piece that completely matches your specifications and brings your bedroom décor vision to life.

Call us today on 01273 671443 for more about bespoke bedroom wall units. You can also get in touch with us for a quote on the style of furniture you’d like.

Why choose a bespoke bedroom wall unit from Iris Bespoke Furnishing?

The bedroom is a special place in any home; it’s a room for privacy and relaxation, where you can truly let go and be at ease. You can enjoy all this in a bedroom when you’re surrounded and have access to furniture that puts you at ease and assures your every convenience. We can help guarantee your bedroom can deliver all these and more with a bespoke bedroom wall unit.

By taking into consideration your unique taste and preferences – as well as the space you aim to fill with the wall unit – we can provide an exceptional piece that makes the most of your wall space. The delivered wall unit is guaranteed to be aesthetically remarkable, as well as fully practical. This means that aside from improving the looks of your bedroom, it will also be fully usable for storage purposes for a variety of items.

Simply tell us what you’d like to achieve by installing a bedroom wall unit and we’ll create one for you that checks all the boxes and satisfies in every department. If you want a bespoke wall unit furniture for your bedroom but aren’t certain of the ideal style or design, our interior décor specialists are completely at your disposal. Our interior décor gurus can provide all the guidance you need to obtain the perfect bespoke masterpiece to elevate your bedroom’s beauty and comfort.

Bespoke Wall Unit Style and Designs We have Available

We’ve been delivering bespoke wall pieces to discerning individuals and luxury hotels in the UK for more than two decades now. Our diverse clientele (past and present) have nothing but positive things to say about our services.

For every type of customer, regardless their unique tastes, a wall unit that makes the perfect fit for their needs can always be found in our catalogue. We have various designs available in differing styles and patterns, not to mention colours.

Each bespoke piece is completed with the perfect finish, thanks to the ancient Indian carpentry techniques and stunning workmanship of our craftsmen – unlike any other in the world. Combining patterns with design according to your specifications, you’ll be delivered a truly luxurious piece of exceptional quality.

Contact Us Today For A Free Quote!

If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

What Materials are used to Create our Bespoke Bedroom Wall unit Furniture?

Each wall unit is a beautifully handcrafted piece that’s completed according to your exact specifications. Once delivered, all that’s left to do is mount the piece in the allotted space and marvel at the perfect fit.

We are able to deliver this level of perfection thanks to the skills, dedication and creative approach of our master furniture builders. As part of our commitment to the highest standards of quality, we only make use of the finest hardwood nature has to offer for the creation of our pieces. Rest assured that every resource used in each bespoke project is ethically sourced.

The wood we use is sustainably harvested and traded ethically, thus making a solid foundation for every bespoke handcrafted Indian furniture we deliver. Every natural material used goes through a rigorous testing process to verify not just its beauty, but also its strength and overall quality. By ensuring all is perfect from the start, we are in the ideal position to deliver superbly handmade wood furniture, whose beauty and overall perfection will last for many years to come.

What’s the price of Bespoke Bedroom Wall Unit furniture?

We provide decorative bespoke furniture, built to match your individual needs. Each piece is crafted from ecological materials, ethically sourced for their practical, tactile and aesthetic qualities. However, this doesn’t come cheap. We aim for our bespoke pieces to not cost the earth, but also strive to deliver perfect furniture to our clients at sensible prices.

Because each bespoke piece is different, the price will vary from project to project.

To get a free and accurate for your desired bespoke bedroom wall unit furniture, please call 01273 671443 today.

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