Bespoke Console Tables

Iris Bespoke Furniture is a UK company, renowned for designing, manufacturing and installing luxury bespoke console table furniture for your living rooms and hallways. At Iris, we build furniture that turns your dreams and ideas into reality. We combine creativity, excellent customer service and skilled craftsmanship to offer a memorable experience.

With over 25 years of experience in the bespoke furniture industry, you buy with confidence when choosing one of our exquisitely designed console tables. Today, we are a profitable UK brand that offers high-end customers the opportunity to create and order their own unique furniture that fuses innovative design with style and function.

Our high-quality bespoke furniture is a work of art that ignites your aesthetic desire and lasts a long time. We work with gifted metalworkers, woodworkers and artisans in famous Rajasthan, located in Northern India. Our skilled craftsmen use time-honed techniques to create beautiful pieces, tailored to your design requirements and an exact match for your home.

We can make any type of console table for your living room. Some of our styles include hall console table, leather top console table, walnut console table, oak console table and metal console table.

Procuring your bespoke furniture begins with calling us by phone to schedule a free, no-obligation design meeting with one of our friendly consultants to determine the style, materials, size and finishing for your living room console table.

Command Attention In Your Living Room With A Console Table From Iris

There are many reasons why your living room would benefit from a console table. For instance, it’s a good spot to place treasured family photos, ornaments, baskets and a decorative lamp that illuminates the living room. Our high-quality console tables are made to complement your personal preference of furniture.

Console tables add favourably to the style of your home. Notably, we employ an equal mix of style and function when building your console table. For long console tables, we can use symmetry in adding balance to space. Do you have extra chairs that are only brought out for large dining events? You can place them alongside your console tables in the hallway. This is ideal for fixing your shoes or makeup when you’re on the way out to work.

The space under the console table also works nicely for a beautiful basket and any other design ornaments you might have. Your living room looks more attractive with a small basket that holds fruits and other similar items. Think of your console table as the perfect furniture on which to store things you need in the living room, whilst embellishing the sophisticated style of its décor. The space underneath can also hold an ottoman or stool.

Attractive Console Tables For Your Living Room

Each furniture we create for you seamlessly matches a new piece to provide a cohesive luxury appearance. We can place one console table in the entryway, as this will be the first thing guests see when they enter your home. Furthermore, it could also serve as a TV stand.

The narrow shape takes up less floor space than a traditional TV cabinet. We make strong console tables that comfortably hold the weight of a TV and large enough to carry a DVD player, cable box and stereo. Suffice to say, with a console table, you’ll have more than enough space in your living room.

If you want an unconventional home bar, a console table works nicely. We will build a console table with open shelving, which showcases the beautiful colours of glassware and bottles. You can organise rum, whiskey and spirits on the bottom shelf, glassware on the second shelf, with hand towels and other accessories placed in the drawer.

The beautiful designs and range of gorgeous finishes make console tables one of the most stylish pieces of furniture in your living room. We can pair it with one of our bespoke mirrors to add volume and character to your console unit. Whatever your individual preference, we will help you choose a style that sets the right atmosphere in your living room.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

We can make a console table that contrasts agreeably with the current furnishing in your living room. Our console tables are the focal point of your living room and we can match them with your existing furniture for a uniform look. We consider the size of the room, current design, the use of furniture and your individual preference when handcrafting your console table.

A top seller at Iris Bespoke Furniture is the Embossed White Metal French Console Table. It features ornate curving that reflects the lavish style of French furniture in the late 19th century. We’ve created a similar piece with Sheesham wood and carefully detailed patterning, embossed in nickel for a bold, polished look. The final product is both breathtaking and functional. Notably, your furniture will be resilient to humidity and eminently durable.

Do you love contemporary furniture? We can make you a mirrored console table with either one or two drawers. This makes for an excellent addition to your living room, while the drawers provide storage for magazines, books and other items. We can also make your pieces in solid oak wood with the same style of console furniture.

A Wide Range Of Finishes And Materials To Choose From

Our Rajasthani artisans use a century-old skill of metal embossing to create your console table. The design is delicately raised in metal after cutting it to a pattern with simple hand tools. We use nickel because it is corrosion resistant and Sheesham wood for its durability. We can build your furniture with solid oak or walnut and finish it with a material you love, including glass. Décor styles we offer include traditional, antique, contemporary and modern.

Contact Us Today To Commission Your Luxury Console Table

If you want something else entirely, our design consultants are happy to work with your preferred style. All materials are ethically sourced from managed forests. Please call us by phone or send an email to place an order for your luxury bespoke furniture.

Buying Bespoke Luxury Console Table Furniture Is Easier With Iris

At Iris, we aim to help everyone who loves bespoke console tables get the furniture they desire. We offer a staged payment plan, spread out for a specific period to ease the cost of your luxury furniture.

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