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Iris Bespoke Furniture is a UK company that designs, crafts, sells and distributes high-quality custom made bedroom furniture and accessories for your home. We have been creating innovative fitted furniture solutions for decades. Using our bespoke bedroom furniture, we are able to transform your home in a way that’s breath-taking, yet functional.

For over 25 years, we’ve been designing and manufacturing bedroom furniture that represents the best of the UK. Our expertise allows us to create the right solution, specifically for each customer. Our magnificent tailor-made furniture pieces are handcrafted in India by gifted artisans, who come from a generation of talented craftsmen. These craftsmen work ethically to create bespoke bedroom furniture, made for practical use as well as physical attractiveness – after which they are shipped back to the UK.

We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers; therefore, you can be assured of quality products and excellent service. Our bespoke pedestal furniture is crafted in India using traditional construction by our skilled artisans.

Whatever style you want – modern, classic or anywhere in between – our bedroom suites cater to every taste. We have everything you need for the perfect bedroom.

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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Bedroom with Our Bespoke Pedestal

We spend a huge part of our lives in the bedroom, so it goes without saying that it should be as comfortable as possible and also reflect our personal style. At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we try to make your bedroom a safe haven, where you can escape all the chaos using our elegant furniture.

Every element of your bespoke furniture is handcrafted by our Indian artisans, after which they are shipped to the UK for distribution. Many of our craftsmen have spent a lifetime in the art, using skills passed down through generations to create each bespoke design to your exact specification. Using their extensive knowledge, they call upon centuries of traditional artistry and skill to craft the highest quality materials into beautiful furniture.

Depending on your choice, the pedestals can be dovetailed and the legs straight or crossed. We make our pedestals using solid wood and you’re free to choose a particular hardwood of your preference. They are available in waxed, lacquered or painted finish. You can also choose the handles and fittings for the pedestal.

Express Your Creative Sense of Style

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we’ll work with you in order to create the perfect storage solution that’s tailor-made to the exact dimensions of your room. No matter the size or shape of your bedroom, we will deliver style and practicality that suits your taste. Our bespoke bedroom pedestal is specifically made with you in mind. Because we don’t use intermediaries or outsource to contractors, you are guaranteed an absolutely unique piece that’s made for you and you alone.

Our wide range of pedestals can accommodate your bedside lamp, books, an occasional glass of water, and probably a few favourite little treasures as well. All our pedestals have additional storage drawers or shelves for nest storage, as well as easy-clean finishes.

Choose From a Range Of Materials for Your High-End Bedroom Pedestals

We have an extensive range of pedestals from which you can select the perfect look for the comfort of your home. We create both wooden and metal pedestals, available in a variety of colours to complement any bedroom style. There are so many options available for bedroom pedestal furniture; because of this, they are completely customisable.

Depending on your choice, we can use different types of timbers, such as oak wood, teak, mahogany, walnut or ash. The timber could equally be planed smooth, hand distressed or reclaimed.

We also allow our clients to customise the size, colour and style of not only the wood, but the steel as well. Different samples are presented to you before the construction begins. During this process, we use only the very best of materials to craft your bespoke bedroom pedestal to ensure maximum durability and beauty. No matter your specification, we can craft a piece which appeals to you.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Unique Designs That Breathe Pure Class into Your Home

We create timeless yet classy bedroom pedestals, which are beautiful and still functional at the same time. Our designs are not overly ornate or too loud. We can deliver understated glamour, as well as sophisticated opulence.

What distinguishes us from other bespoke furniture makers is our ability to produce the finest bedroom pedestals in all sizes, using the most intricate designs. We are continually designing and producing new bedroom furniture for our diverse clients. These are all independent, premium and highly personalised pieces of bedroom pedestal furniture. This means your piece will truly be one of a kind.

Expert Construction by Indian craftsmen

With different shades and styles to choose from, you’re certain of receiving a handcrafted set of bespoke pedestals, built by some of the finest craftsmen in India. The designs we create fuse with your unique vision in order to produce superbly built bedroom pedestals, which are designed to bring you pleasure and provide comfort.

Find our Furniture Showroom

After booking an appointment with us, you can use Google Maps to find our furniture showroom in Brighton. We have an impressive range of pre-made collection and eclectic styles you can see first-hand, so you’ll have an idea of what bedroom pedestal will best suit your home.

Contact us for Your Bespoke bedroom pedestal furniture

Want to learn more about the options available to you? Call us now on 0127 3831 164 to speak to one of our agents and we’ll provide a quote. You can also contact us by completing the online enquiry form or sending us an email and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Luxury Bespoke bedroom pedestal Furniture That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Buying luxury bedroom pedestal furniture is both an investment and a statement. Our sustainably sourced furniture isn’t overly expensive. We are happy to work out a payment plan for your convenience to ease any burden.

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