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Iris Bespoke Furniture is a UK company that specialises in designing, constructing and supplying unique, hand-crafted bespoke furniture. For over 12 years, we have developed a range of made-to-order furniture and private commissions for our clients all over the world. Using our modern furniture, we are able to transform your home and office in a way that is stunning yet practical.

We work with talented furniture artisans in India who create superbly-built furniture, which is aesthetically appealing as well as practical. We strive to approach every project from a unique view so as to create beautifully formed modern furniture. We focus on creating individual, iconic styles in order to give our bespoke pieces distinctive and timeless pieces.

From sustainably sourced wood to our industrial grade fixings, we make use of high quality materials to ensure the beautiful modern furniture we create for you is durable.

We Merge Art with Furniture

Some people consider modern furniture to be functional art pieces rather than just furniture. Modern pieces of furniture are particularly striking because they have simple, yet elegant and light-weight structures.

Our bespoke modern furniture is ethically sourced from the best craftsmen in India who handcraft excellent furniture pieces that have exceptional quality and are made to exact specifications. The sustainably-sourced materials which we use are hand-shaped with bespoke tools and the result is a beautifully sculpted work of Indian art.

Because of our love for modern craft and our passion for contemporary designs, we are dedicated to creating handmade furniture using high-quality materials for your home. Our attention to detail is evident in both the design and execution of our work and our commitment to the simple harmony of form and function which modern furniture is known for.

The Elegance of Our Handcrafted Modern Furniture

Modern furniture is subtle and urban in its appeal. It is a combination of simplicity and polished metal which evolved from the visually heavy background of traditional furniture. When it comes to modern furniture, minimalism is the keyword. Too many ornaments and elaborate designs are avoided and focus is on the functionality of the furniture. However, this does not mean that it looks austere and unappealing. Our bespoke modern furniture, even with its unfussy and understated style, looks visually appealing and classy.

Because we like our designs to represent you in every way and reflect your design philosophy, we make sure it blends with your style décor and it is made to any specifications you want. We can create modern-styled bespoke pieces such as:

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Custom made contemporary furniture for when you want to make an impression

When things are exactly how you want them to be, life becomes easier. The same thing applies to the furniture in your home or office. Whether you are looking for a living room sectional to complement the character of your home, or an outdoor furniture piece to give your home period charm, or maybe you are in the market for a beautiful dressing table to fit in your bedroom space, whatever your needs, we can tailor make furniture to meet your requirements.

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, our bespoke contemporary furniture is designed to meet your practical needs and help you optimize space while leaving a lasting impression on anyone who visits your home or office.

Your job is to think about the furniture you need to make life easier and our job is to create custom luxury furniture units that do everything you want, when you want it. Ready to make an impression? Call us on 01273 671443 to discuss your specific requirements with our experts.

  • Sumptuous armchairs
  • Luxurious dining sets
  • Exquisite beds
  • Highly crafted shelves
  • Smooth-running chests of drawers
  • Matching mirrors
  • Bespoke cupboard and hanging space
  • Detailed cabinets
  • Panelled solid wood doors
  • Spacious wardrobes
  • Hardwood rosewood night tables

Bespoke Modern with the Highest Quality

Our artisans are constantly researching innovative methods to create pieces of furniture which are a blend of technology and art. Apart from natural woods, we are able to craft high-quality modern furniture from moulded plywood, plastics, glass and different forms of steel. The gorgeous materials and elegant designs combined with our proficient craftsmen are what turn our bespoke modern furniture into functional art pieces.

Driven by our desire to craft furniture that cannot be found anywhere else, we look beyond trends by turning to nature and abstract shapes for inspiration.

Interactive Designs in Building Modern Furniture

Our designs are revolutionary with the use of symmetrical, geometric planes framed by tubular steel. Modern furniture is widely known as being non-conformist. This means there is no template to be followed. You can come up with any design and we will help yo bring it to life.

We design freely without limitations of manufacture in mind because we know our gifted artisans will ensure the essence of each design is never compromised during production. No matter your design, we are able to incorporate the minimalist lines and elegant structures of modern pieces into your bespoke furniture.

Expert Construction

Our artisans in India work ethically to create one of a kind modern furniture made for practical use as well as physical attractiveness for our clients. They come from a long line of talented craftsmen who have been practising the art of woodwork for centuries and can turn solid wood into hand-cut and crafted decorative pieces.

Bespoke Modern Tables Should not Cost an Outrageous Sum

Our bespoke modern furniture, though exceptional, does not cost a fortune. We can work out a payment plan to reduce the financial burden through instalment payments with no hidden costs.

Contact Us for Your Bespoke Modern Furniture

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, we make bespoke modern furniture that represents the best of the UK and we also ship to any part of the world.

Ready to upgrade your home from ordinary to stylish and luxurious by investing in bespoke modern furniture? Then contact us to get a quote via email or a phone call. Call us on 0127 3831 164 and we will give you a quote. You can also contact us by completing the online enquiry form or sending us an email and we will get back to you immediately.

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