Bespoke Living Room Cupboards

At Iris Bespoke Furniture, our clients come to us for decorative furniture of remarkable beauty and superb quality, handcrafted by skilled artisans. For the last two decades, we’ve delivered immense satisfaction to every client with our truly unique bespoke pieces. One of our most commonly requested pieces of furniture is our bespoke living room cupboards. If your living room is missing something and you can’t figure out what, it’s probably one of these.

Our cupboards are built to not only look stately and impressive; they are also highly practical. We can provide living room cupboard furniture that’s custom built to perfectly fit into the space you have in mind. It will also deliver all the storage space you need for books or decorative pieces.

All our bespoke living room cupboards are built by master craftsmen in India, whose finely honed skills have been passed down over centuries.

Combining this ancient art of carpentry with the finest materials available, we can provide finished pieces that look fantastic and are built to be enjoyed for many years to come. Browse our catalogue to find a bespoke living room cupboard design that best matches your unique tastes and needs.

Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll take care of the rest and have your custom built cupboard delivered right to your doorstep in the UK.

Tasteful Bespoke Living Room Cupboards, Built To Suit You

For more than two decades, Iris Bespoke Furniture have delivered bespoke furniture pieces of the highest quality to people of impeccable taste, as well as luxury businesses in the UK. We are recognised for our commitment to service excellence and our consistency in delivering perfectly built pieces.

We understand that each client is different and thus deserves to have unique furniture that best expresses their individuality and style, whilst also satisfying their specific requirements. We deliver on this with made to measure furniture pieces, such as bespoke living room cupboard furniture.

Your living room is a unique space in your home that serves a variety of purposes. It is also one room your guests will see a lot of. Therefore, it’s only fitting that this room reflects your style and class. We can help you accomplish this with a decorative, yet completely practical living room cupboard that will be a stand out piece which draws the admiration of all.

Looks Good. Fits Perfect. Works Great

A bespoke living room cupboard doesn’t have to be just a showpiece. Based on your specifications and requirements, we can deliver a custom piece that also helps maximise storage space in your living room.

When furniture is the perfect fit, the possibilities of enjoying the elegance of organised space become practically limitless.

Depending on the size you request, we can provide a made to measure living room cupboard that matches the intended space and provides enough room to hold decorative pieces and other items.

You can also have us design and build you a living room cupboard for a very specific purpose; just tell us what you want and our master craftsmen will take care of the rest.

A Variety Of Designs For Every Personality

For every living room cupboard design we offer, there are a variety of decorative finishes to match, and you can pick whichever you desire

Making use of creative concepts that blend innovative aesthetics with durable materials, we will deliver the cupboard of your choice, designed around your specific purposes. This means you’ll get a perfect piece, whose perfection will last a lifetime.

Each piece is built from the best quality hardwood to deliver solid furniture that stands the test of time; but that’s not all.

Each bespoke living room cupboard is also perfectly finished with the decorative surface of your choice. This means you’ll get solid wood furniture that’s transformed into highly practical, yet gorgeous decorative art.

Colour is also important for the perfect finishing touch to your bespoke piece. We can provide a cupboard in the colour (or combination of colours) of your choosing.

If you’re uncertain about what bespoke cupboard design will work best in your living room, our specialists can provide all the guidance and anything else you need to make the best-informed decision. Contact us today on 01273 671443 for a one to one chat.

Contact Us Today For A Free Quote!

If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

The Perfect Materials For The Perfect Bespoke Piece

Our commitment to sustainable furniture designs means we source all materials used in our bespoke furnishing through ethical and responsible means. Every hardwood used goes through a comprehensive testing process to confirm its quality, but that’s only after it has been sustainably harvested and replanted.

Each wood is carefully worked by the ancient carpentry techniques of our skilled craftsmen, with the aid of specialised hand tools. Intricate designs and ornate patterns on the bespoke cupboard’s rosewood surface are gently coaxed to life with meticulous care and precision. With our winning combination of ancient techniques, fresh designs and ethically sourced materials for your bespoke living room cupboard, you’ll get a perfect piece that makes for the ultimate addition to your living room.

We firmly believe that delivering the highest quality bespoke wood furniture doesn’t have to negatively affect the planet – as long as we do things the right way.

How Much Will Bespoke Living Room Cupboards Cost You?

Because each bespoke piece of furniture will be different, the prices will also differ. Price will be determined by the size and detail of your specific piece. After we are clear on the specification of your desired bespoke living room cupboard furniture, we can provide an accurate quote. We guarantee that our prices are reasonable and well worth the quality, class and beauty of the product you will receive. You can even pay for your desired piece in instalments.

To view our pre-made collection of living room cupboard furniture in person, book an appointment to visit our showroom in Brighton. This is the perfect opportunity to see, feel and experience our exquisite furniture pieces for yourself.

Send us an email or call us now on 01273 671443 for a free quote, to place an order, or for any other enquiries you might have.

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