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High-Quality Bespoke Furniture That is Made to Fit and Last

Finding a sofa, headboard, side table or dining room furniture that speaks to you on a personal level is difficult if you are surfing through the pages of a magazine or looking at a catalogue from a mass-produced furniture store. You will have to guess if the furniture will fit that awkward corner in the living room, will the seats be too big for the children, will the image and the delivered product match. A big concern is how long you will use the furniture before it starts to show signs of wear.

As one of the leaders in the design and production of handcrafted furniture, Iris Bespoke Furniture knows how the right furniture can revamp your home or office, change the personality of the room and enhance its appeal. From lakeside villas to Victorian buildings, city penthouses to corporate offices, Iris Bespoke Furniture has designed and delivered unique, high-quality furniture that still remains a talking point when friends visit.

With over 25 years’ experience, we have worked on simple, complex and delicate projects. Through each one, we delivered exceptional bespoke furniture that delighted our clients and remains in use today. Our outstanding design and high-quality craftsmanship is the only value for money you will ever need when buying luxury handmade furniture.

Excellent customer service is at the core of our existence, and we have worked with top brands in the UK and delivered products to high-end clients. Each customer is treated like a VIP. Our furniture is comfortable, welcoming, made to fit the most awkward corners and designed by some of the most experienced furniture designers in the UK.

What is Bespoke furniture?

One of the first questions our high-end clients ask when they come across our website is “what does bespoke furniture actually mean?” Bespoke means customised. Hence, bespoke furniture is furniture that was made for you, to look exactly how you want and according to your precise specifications. It is getting the best value for money and maximizing space in your home. It can be used for your home, office, bathroom, kitchen, commercial building, dining area, home bar, game room, entertainment centre, living room and outdoor furniture. For example, if you wanted a wardrobe, we would ask you to specify the type of wood, size, number of shelves, drawers and hanging, finishing and any intricate design you wanted on the body. When you commission a bespoke furniture project, you will not see it anywhere else because it was made just for you.

It fits into any space of your home and includes infills that bridge the gap between furniture and wall for a seamless, appealing look. You can determine the thickness, colour and type of handles for the wood. To get exactly what you want, we use a computer generated image to create drawings, scale plans and seek your final approvals before building the furniture for you. Our furniture is made from the highest quality materials such as metals and hardwoods, and cheaper materials such as plastics are avoided. It is perfect for homeowners who have odd spaces, angles and nooks that prefabricated furniture would not fit. Iris Bespoke Furniture creates made to fit furniture according to space, your height and size requirements.

Why choose bespoke furniture

When you choose bespoke furniture, you experience the satisfaction and joy of owning furniture that was tailor-made for you. It is an extension of your personality and design preferences. No matter how complicated or detailed, a bespoke furniture piece will highlight parts of your home or office by drawing attention to itself.

Each piece of furniture is made by highly skilled craftsmen who use ancient techniques passed down through the generations. We use solid hardwood to make your entertainment unit, dining chairs, dining tables, living room furniture, kitchen furniture and bedroom furniture. Solid oak and walnut are some of the popular choices amongst our high-end clients because they are naturally strong and beautiful.

The wide range of options for material and finishing is available. You are bound to find something that matches your personality and your home or office’s style. Iris Bespoke Furniture brings the rooms in your home or office together with complimentary colours and coordinated pieces, materials and varnishes. Your interior design is luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. The high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure your furniture is lasting.

What are the finishes used for bespoke furniture?

At Iris Bespoke Furniture we provide a huge array of designer details, decorative touches and finishes for your customised furniture. Our goal is to create bespoke furniture that stands out and makes a statement.

We have an impressive selection of paint options, beautiful wood grains and customised colour wash to complement the colours of the walls, flooring and existing furniture. You can customise the handles and knobs for elegance and uniformity. Our craftsmen have mastered the art of intricate detailing for impressive aesthetics, which include Indian carvings and designs that make your bespoke furniture both beautiful and functional.

Our designer wardrobes, storages options, chests and drawers are made to complement your personality and fit your lifestyle. We will configure all our designs including pull out mirrors, glass shelving, customised drawers with shelves exactly how you want them and sliding wardrobe doors that give your bedroom a contemporary look.

Our furniture is made with ethically sourced materials and woods harvested from managed forests where trees are replanted. As an environmentally friendly company, we are always conscious of our carbon footprint and use non-toxic lacquers, reclaimed materials and recycled wood.

Contact us about supplying you with bespoke furniture

Whether you need a furniture supplier for a large bespoke furniture order, or just a single special item, Iris Bespoke Furniture can deliver. To talk to one of our furniture supply experts call us today on 01273 671443.

Where can I order bespoke furniture in the UK?

If you are ready to place your order for bespoke furniture, please give us a call, send an email or complete the inquiry form and one of our friendly design consultants will get back to you immediately.

You can also visit our showroom in Brighton for a one-on-one meeting, see some of our offerings and get a feel for the high-quality materials we use in production.

Buying bespoke furniture is an investment

Whilst many people argue that bespoke furniture is expensive, think of it as an investment you can use for years. It also does not cost a fortune as we have a staged payment plan that allows you to pay for your luxury furniture in instalments.

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