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Make your house feel like home with bespoke furniture materials from Iris Bespoke Furniture

Iris Bespoke Furniture is a bespoke luxury furniture maker that designs and manufacturers free-standing, fitted furniture in the UK. Our only goal is to use your ideas of the perfect luxury furniture to create a spectacular set of furniture that is eye-catching, captivating and functional.

As one of the leading furniture makers in the UK, we have grown from working with a few clients to enjoy the patronage of some of the largest brands and well-known personalities in the UK. Every customer is a VIP client when you walk through our doors.

Our professional design experts will meet with you to discuss requirements such as colour, style, number of shelves, size and use of your free standing furniture. The materials we use in creating your luxury bespoke furniture is top-quality.

We offer excellent design solutions for handcrafted media cabinets, bedroom furniture, sofas, coffee tables, dining room sets, kitchen furniture, bookcases, storage and even luxury furniture for your children’s bedroom.

The materials we use in construction are ethically sourced from managed forests where several trees are planted when one is harvested. Your solid furniture is made by the most gifted craftsmen from India, who used centuries-old traditional techniques combined with the latest innovations in furniture technology to create luxury furniture you will love.

Types of materials we use in making high-quality furniture

Wood Wood is the most commonly used material in bespoke furniture making. Whilst there are many varieties of wood for making furniture, we only focus on a few that are known for their versatility, beauty and durability.

Hardwood is from trees that lose their leaves annually such as oak, walnut and maple. It is more expensive and durable when compared to softwood. It also requires less maintenance than softwood.

Mahogany is a popular hardwood known for its gorgeous colour, beauty and durability. The colour darkens as the years go by, making it a top choice for furniture. Mahogany a high-end wood that you can use for your windows, doors, bed stand, kitchen countertops and cabinets.

Walnut is a solid dark wood known for its strength. The exquisite design and natural finish make it a top choice for homeowners who want a unique luxury look. It is ideal for crafting mantels, headboards, cupboards and dining tables.

Oakwood is divided into white oak and red oak. White oak is beautiful, durable and heavy, and the anti-warping features make it ideal for kitchen and cabinet furniture. Red oak has a pinkish shape, and is very strong, heavy and resistant to fungal attacks. It is mostly used to make desks, bedroom furniture and cabinets.

Cherry is a hardwood material built to last. The style of the material, rich colour, flexibility and smooth grain make it ideal for curved designs such as mantle pieces, dining tables, coffee tables, exquisitely designed beds, chests, shaker-style tables and carved chairs.

Beechwood is durable and resistant to shock and abrasion. The dated, elegant look makes it a winner for many homeowners who want premium wood for countertops, dining tables, bed stands, TV stand and any furniture that you will place heavy weights on.

Glass We use reinforced glass to make a variety of luxury furniture such as your dining room table, coffee table and accent table. Glass that is heated and rapidly cooled is stronger and more beautiful than regular glass. We can curve it into any type of design you want for your furniture.

Metal  is a durable and solid material that does not show physical signs of wear and tear when used correctly. It is harder than wood and is flame resistant, which makes it a safe material if you have children around your home. Options here include aluminium and wrought iron. We can use wrought iron for your bedpost, coffee table, dining table and patio furniture.

Steel  is a common material that is flexible, resilient and durable. We use it to make outdoor furniture such as patio tables and chairs. It can be shaped into any form or design you love.

Fabric This is a popular material for making luxury dining room furniture and living room furniture. We have synthetic and natural fabric in any texture or colour you prefer. Silk, linen, fibre and leather are popular choices for our high-end clients in the UK. We also have stain resistant cotton blends for families who have kids who love to play around on the furniture. If you need something more durable, wool is a great option for strong upholstery.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Buying high-quality luxury furniture should cost a fortune

If you want to redecorate your home and create a gorgeous interior space that truly reflects your personality, you should not have to exceed your budget. We have a staged payment plan that will help you to remain within your budget.

Call us today for a free bespoke furniture design consultation

Commissioning a bespoke project is a big deal. You want furniture that is an extension of your personality. Furniture that fits without having to be moved or adjusted for the space that you allocate to it. Handcrafted, intricate details made exactly as you wanted. These are some of the benefits you enjoy when you choose Iris Bespoke Furniture to make your customised furniture.

Give us a call, send an email or complete the inquiry form and we will get back to you immediately with a quote.

Aesthetically pleasing bespoke furniture made with the highest quality of materials

Bespoke furniture is the only answer if you are not convinced by mass-produced furniture. Iris will make your furniture to your exact size, specifications and measurements. It will fit perfectly in your dedicated space without you trying to adjust or make room for awkward corners in the home. We also make personalised storage using premium materials to ensure they last a lifetime. Choose how we lay out your drawers, racks and shelving, and determine how we accommodate your shoes, ties, scarves and jewellery.

Our expert craftsmen work alongside some of the best British designers to create a bespoke piece that is entirely yours. We also only use ethically sourced materials in the manufacture of your bespoke piece in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

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