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Bespoke Timber Furniture Design and Creation

Iris Bespoke Furniture is one of the leading brands in the UK for designing and creating customised and luxurious furniture using high-quality materials. With over 25 years of industry experience, we have perfected the art of creating customised pieces of furniture that define a home as an extension of the homeowner and the office as an extension of your company.

Our focus is on using gifted craftsmanship and the innovation of our expert designers in order to make to the finest custom-made furniture. As an eco-friendly company, our materials are ethically sourced from around the world.

Iris Bespoke Furniture is a renowned UK furniture company. Our goal is to design, handcraft and install bespoke furniture for clients in the UK and around the world. Whatever style or taste you have, right down to the most quirky of designs, our professional and experienced team are here to ensure that your dreams are made real.

We offer amazing design solutions for anything from bathroom cabinets, wardrobes, trunks, storage, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture and office furniture. We take great pride in only using the highest quality materials and finishes, and your furniture is made using the latest innovations in furniture technology combined with the skills of craftsmen, passed down through the generations.

We create custom-made, one-of-a-kind pieces which will surpass your expectations elevate your home or office and accentuate the luxurious and elegant look you wanted.

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Bespoke Timber furniture for your indoor and outdoor decor

Technology has provided us with a wide range of options when it comes to home furniture but wood still remains a popular choice. If you are environmentally-friendly, timber is the best choice for creating bespoke luxury furniture, but, it should be sourced as a renewable resource that is indefinitely sustainable. To this end, all the timber we use for our furniture comes from managed forests and plantations.

Timber is a carbon neutral material, and this makes it the clever choice for any home or business owner. The energy used in the entire lifecycle of wood is lower than that of most other furniture material. It has great insulation properties and it is 350 times more effective than steel. Wood also gives you infinite choice. You have a wide variety of styles, shades and colours to choose from for your furniture, and this ensures that we can provide you with soft furnishing and interior décor that is designed to match your personality.

If you’re going for the in-vogue industrial style look, we can combine metal or steel with timber wood furniture for a bold but elegant design. The versatility of timber means it can also be used for outdoor décor. It is perfect for lounge chairs, lounge tables and other decorations, and Teak is especially good for outdoor terraces and balconies.

Design your own furniture to fit your unique personality

The feeling of knowing that your personal touch is in every part of your home and office is indescribable. The sofa in the living room, the dining or conference table, chests of drawers, bedside tables, walk-in wardrobes and cabinets and storage space, everything exudes luxury, yet retains a deep sense of comfort and elegance that ensures that you look forward to coming home at the end of your workday.

Our designers will help you create a gorgeous chest of drawers, trunks, cupboards, bed, mirror stand and storage space that transform your bedroom into an intimate area that is entirely you.

If you need a living room sofa designed to fit your body without looking too large or small, we can use your body measurements to create customised furniture that is an extension of your personality.

Small touches in your home matter, such as the style of the coffee table, the type of ottoman in the corner, should the furniture match or contrast, the colours that tie it all together. We can help you make these decisions for a home that has a cohesive look whilst retaining the overall theme and luxurious style you love.

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A wide range of colours and styles of timber finishing

If you are aiming for a classy, elegant look with your furniture, American walnut is the preferred option. There are many colour options ranging from light to dark brown, and the beautiful polish and high tannin content ensure it is also perfect for ebonizing. The uses for American walnut are numerous, and include your bedside storage, entertainment system or closet space.

The American white oak is flawless. It is hard, strong and durable, and if you have children, you’ll be happy to hear that it responds well to stains and polishes. Its best uses include a dining room table, sideboard, bookcase, bar cabinet, bar stool, chairs for the dining room and even an in-house ping pong table.

Silvertop Ash is the perfect option if you are looking for fire resistant furniture. Its unique aesthetics sets it apart from other types of timber and makes it a popular option for customised luxury furniture pieces. The silvery tone of the wood will complement your home or office if you have white and light spaces. Its best uses include drawer fronts, wardrobes or storage space, countertops, cabinet doors, bathroom vanities and bed stands.

Choose your unique finishing for complete bespoke furniture solutions

A good reason for choosing timber are the options when it comes to finishing choices. Evaporative finishes use acetone, alcohol and nitrocellulose lacquer thinners as solvents. Wax is an also an evaporative finish you could consider.

Reactive finishes use naphtha or white spirits, and linseed oil and oil varnishes fall into this category. Water-based finishes are the most popular choice for our high-end customers. These finishes make the wood look beautiful, and are easy to clean.

Brilliant designs from our in-house experts complemented by excellent artisanship

Some of the best furniture designers in the UK are involved in the design of your freestanding furniture. Our sustainable designs also ensure that the materials used in manufacturing are responsibly and ethically sourced.

Skilled craftsmen use techniques passed down through the generations to create a spectacular design inlaid with intricate patterns and a smooth, elegant finish. We ensure that your decorative furniture combines style, function and form.

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Want to learn more about the options available to you? Call us now to speak to one of our agents and we will send you a quote. You can also contact us by completing the online enquiry form or sending us an email and we will get back to you immediately.

High-end furniture doesn’t have to empty your accounts

Ordering bespoke furniture doesn’t have to be expensive, and our sustainably sourced, hand crafted solid wood furniture can be ordered and paid for in instalments. There are no hidden costs.

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