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UK based Iris Bespoke Furniture designs, builds and supplies bespoke furniture to ecclesiastical institutions, such as mosques. The stunning architecture – both traditional and contemporary – that lies behind the doors of a mosque is nothing short of luxurious and opulent.

It’s only fitting that every single piece of furniture that’s made for this revered space is equally as magnificent as the mosque itself.

Choosing or creating furniture for mosques is a very challenging process that must be handled meticulously and delicately. For over 25 years, we’ve offered a wide range of bespoke furniture for mosques and Islamic prayer halls around the world.

Our bespoke mosque furniture is designed by expert in-house designers, then handcrafted by talented Indian artisans, who use ancient techniques to custom-create high-end furniture that’s both functional and decorative.

Armed with skills that are centuries old, our Indian craftsmen are able to fuse contemporary and traditional designs into a unique vision. This results in an expressive and original piece, which graces your revered space. Using superior materials, our expert artisans provide beautiful craftsmanship of uncompromising quality, which will last for decades.
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Sheer Luxury Bespoke Furniture Imbues Your Place Of Worship

Furniture for mosques must be tasteful and sumptuous, without being pretentious or grandiose. This is an often overlooked thin line between both styles. The bespoke pieces also have to blend in with art pieces displayed in the mosque, as well as the overall décor. Mass-produced furniture often seems out of place before such elegance. This is why only custom-built furniture will suffice when it comes to mosques.

Aesthetic appeal: Before we take up a commission, we soak up the décor and overall style of the mosque in question to ensure our design complements the building and reflect the true values of this religious space. Mosques have some of the most lavish designs and special architectural features in the world. They are also considered one of the most sacred places, guided by certain rules, so we try to make sure that whatever bespoke piece we create is in line with the furnishing designs of that particular mosque.

Personalised design: With Iris Bespoke Furniture, you control the design process; you design, we build. We will make custom hardwood furniture that fits your specifications and design needs. Unlike mass-produced furniture – where you don’t have any say in the design – we offer the opportunity to be part of the design process and you’ll also get to choose the fabric, material and even the colour.

Quality: The quality of our bespoke mosque furniture pieces meet international standards. Our products are not only durable, but also environmentally friendly, as they are harvested ethically and responsibly. The hardwood we use is sustainably harvested and replanted. From the cutting to the packaging, your handmade furniture goes through several stages of quality checks and the finished product is tested for durability.

Flawless Construction Of High-End Bespoke Mosque Furniture

Even though most mosques make little or no sitting arrangements for the worshippers, sometimes a few chairs or benches have to be provided to assist the disabled or elderly. We provide beautiful seats made from rich solid wood and painted in a demure colour expected of a solemn setting. We also make handcrafted wooden book stands, which hold copies of the Quran and other religious reading materials.

Using carved wood, stone or brick, we construct the most incredible and spectacular minbar or high pulpit, from which sermons and speeches are given. The minbar – which is made up of a raised platform and a short staircase – is handcrafted by our artisans with intricate designs and patterns for aesthetic purposes. Apart from the staircase, we incorporate other metaphorical elements into the creating of the minbar, which includes a gate, ascending steps up to heaven, as well as a portal and open door.

We also construct sturdy stools and seats, which are used during ablution. We construct these stools with strong, solid wood, coating them to ensure they are resistant to water and durable enough to last as long as possible.

We construct hard-wearing shoe shelves for worshippers to neatly organise their footwear. These shelves are strong, load-bearing and as practical as they are durable. All in all, we make sure our bespoke furniture serves its purpose, without losing sight of the solemn environment and the principles guiding it.

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Interactive Design In Building Stylish Bespoke Mosque Furniture

Here at Iris Bespoke Furniture, our design and construction are undertaken with the reverence and utmost professionalism fitting for a sacred space. We can guarantee your designs will be tasteful and befitting of a mosque, and the construction impeccable. Each of our furniture pieces are fully customisable into any style or shape you prefer. Your architects are free to design the furniture, while we focus on the construction. We can make any piece in your desired style, size, colour and height.

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Luxury Furniture For Your Bespoke Mosque At A Fair Price

Gone are the days when bespoke furniture cost an outrageous sum. At Iris Bespoke Furniture, our prices are reasonable and we’re happy to work out a payment plan to ease any burden on you. We can arrange for you to pay in instalments, with no hidden costs whatsoever.

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