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Are you in the process of installing a media room or updating an existing one? One of the first steps will be to look at your options for media room furniture and accessories. The right furniture will be important in building the ultimate media room.
Iris Bespoke Furniture is the best source of high-quality furniture for your media room. We are the foremost brand when it comes to designing, constructing and delivering hand-made, bespoke media room furniture. For over 25 years, we have been in the business of producing custom-made furniture for our clients in the UK.

Our furniture, is handcrafted in India by professionals with years of experience. Our craftsmen use techniques passed down through generations alongside cutting-edge technology to build each project to our customer’s exact specifications.

With Iris Bespoke Furniture, you get a level of high level of service and quality, and, our furniture is completely bespoke, allowing you to have the media room of your dreams without compromise. From dramatic styles that replicate the movie-house experience to more understated furniture for smaller rooms, we offer a variety of options. You can pick your preferred style, materials and colours and we will design it to fit seamlessly into your media room to give you world-class entertainment in the privacy of your own home.

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Experience World-Class Entertainment And Luxury In The Privacy Of Your Home

When it comes to choosing luxurious furniture for your media room, the options are infinite. You can add style, comfort and personality to your media room design using beautiful, bespoke furniture. You could opt for a cinema-like seating arrangement or a more relaxed or informal communal seating arrangement similar to a living room. At Iris bespoke Furniture, we give you options. You do not have to stick to the standard designs and furniture styles obtainable in mass-produced media room furniture. Anything is possible and any design is feasible. You can create the perfect selection of media room furniture to perfectly suit you and your lifestyle.

Guests are likely to be sitting still for quite some time in the media room, therefore, seating needs to be relaxing and comfortable. Bespoke media room furniture gives you access to a wide variety of options, such as standard lounge chairs and cinema-row-like seating. We offer furniture with sturdy construction and include premium leather or fabric upholstery as well as additional features that can automatically accommodate the action on the screen by vibrating or moving.

A Wide Range Of Bespoke Media Room Furniture To Choose From

A media room is an area where people gather to enjoy multiple sources of entertainment such as videos, television, movies and even reading. Your media room furniture doesn’t have to mean cluttered seats and functional bulky furniture around a screen. When we design your media room furniture, we try to make your media room the most relaxing space in your home.

Using only the finest materials sourced from our trusted suppliers, we can build cinema-style seating for comfort and arrange it in such a way that it complements the room’s size and is visually appealing.

If you prefer the cinema-style rows of seating, you may want to opt for the stadium seating arrangement so your guests don’t have obstructed views or have to strain their neck to see the screen even if they are at the back. Our seats which could be single, double or triple joined can be built with amazing secondary features for your ultimate comfort and luxury. For instance, we could build you classic leather reclining chairs with cup holders or trays. If your media room is not big enough for the cinema-style rows of seating or you are on a tight budget, we can build plush couches, sofas and comfortable armchairs which will create a cosy entertainment space. We make the most of the available space with attractive contemporary styling and bold use of colour for a truly individual feel. We can also include additional items of furniture such as a coffee table or pool table.

Interactive Design And Expert Construction

You can choose your own design or discover something new with our pick of styles. Each furniture design is unique, born of your creativity combined with the abilities of our talented designers. Our work will inspire you to create your own perfect media room furniture that mirrors your personality.

Our artisans in India work ethically to create substantial, superbly built media room furniture made for practical use as well as physical attractiveness. Our artisans come from a long line of talented craftsmen who have been practising the art of woodwork for centuries.

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Bespoke Media Room Furniture With The Highest Quality

Top of the line seating for your media room will feature sturdy premium fabric or leather upholstery. Our bespoke media room furniture is sourced from the finest producers of high-quality natural and man-made materials.  We offer a range of high-end features using leather, fabric or other upholstery and our team of skilled craftsmen apply much of the detailing by hand.

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Visit our furniture showroom in Brighton after booking an appointment with us to see more options for your media room. We have an impressive range of decorative finishes and styles you can see first-hand so you know what your media room will look like with the bespoke furniture you’re ordering.

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Want to learn more about the options available to you? Call us now on 0127 3831 164 to speak to one of our agents and we will send you a quote. You can also contact us by completing the online enquiry form or sending us an email and we will get back to you immediately.

Bespoke Media Room Furniture Should Not Be Expensive

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