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Lasting quality for your premium bespoke library furniture

Iris Bespoke Furniture is a leading furniture company that specialises in the design, construction and installation of bespoke handcrafted studies, contemporary libraries, traditional libraries and other handmade furniture. We create unique pieces of exceptional quality that meet our very high standards.

Iris brings a wealth of experience in creating stunning designs, forged by one-of-a-kind Indian craftsmanship. Our critical eye for detail from the initial planning stages ensure the completed work exceeds your expectations.

Your project begins with a consultation appointment with one of our in-house furniture design consultants. The aim is to hear your ideas; collect measurements; determine the location and use of the library; help you choose the finer details, such as the colour, size and style of the furniture; as well as meet any other specific requirements you might have.

Friendly customer service is what we are known for in the UK and beyond. Your completed library furniture is made with the highest quality of wood and our own in-house finishing to ensure you use your furniture for a long time to come. All our wood and other materials are ethically sourced from managed forests, where several trees are replanted for each one harvested.

We do not take shortcuts in producing your bespoke furniture. In addition to top quality materials and a beautiful design, we work with skilled Rajasthani craftsmen, who use age-old techniques passed down through generations to create your bespoke pieces.

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Spacious home library furniture that inspires learning

Most book lovers dream of having a home library one day, but fear that the cost might be above their reach. When you consider that the high-quality materials used to make your furniture is of the highest quality, your library becomes an investment in yourself and something you absolutely must have.

A home library is a resource to draw on when conducting research or trying to refresh your memory about something you want to be sure of. In an era where many millennials are turning to digital books on Kindle, it’s become increasingly important for lovers of hard books to preserve their prized possessions the right way.

Even a small task such as organising your book collection can be therapeutic, reminding you of your own personal history, where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. It can be considered a ‘show-off badge’ of your learning abilities. Studies have shown that children who grow up around books are 19% more likely to complete a university course. Each addition to your home library educates your entire family and keeps your brain sharp.

A home library is not just any room; it is a private space, where you keep your precious books and escape from the harsh realities of life to an environment where everything is perfect. It should therefore be warm, cosy and serene. The more natural lighting you can get, the better. Space needs to incorporate style, comfort and luxury.

To the end, you must be sure to choose a reputable furniture maker such as Iris Bespoke Furniture to create a spectacular library that brings it all together. A public library is agreeable, but it isn’t the same as your personal library at home, where every shelf and bookcase is designed by your personal touch.

Home libraries might sound like something from the 1960s, but they are still very much in fashion. You just need the help of our in-house furniture designer to plan the ideal home library you’ve always envisioned. It is a personal space that requires your personal touch.

A great range of furniture to help set up your personalised home library

As an avid reader, you’ll have hundreds of books you need to store. Iris Bespoke Furniture will create a floor to ceiling bookcase for you to meet this need. This is especially important if you can’t dedicate an entire room to your library. We can even make use of the walls around your living room or a particular corner to create your library.

If you have room for a library, the seating arrangement is also important. How much furniture can your home library accommodate? We will handcraft bespoke hardwood chairs and tables that complement the furniture for your bookcases and bookshelves. Plush, luxury sofas and armchairs are more comfortable than minimalist furniture if you plan to spend long hours in the library reading your favourite books.

We’ll utilise all the angles and awkward corners in the room to ensure the library has a comforting and casual air that doesn’t feel stifled in any way. Cosiness is also important for a home library; everything from side tables, accent chairs, office desks and plush sofas combine set the tone of the room.

The storage option you choose will depend on the available space and your collection of books. If you have a small room or space, then limited shelving, floating shelves and a free-standing bookcase would be ideal.

For a wall to wall storage option, consider adding cupboards at the bottom to store items you don’t want guests or your kids to see. How do you feel when you read a book? We can use the colours that come to mind to create your desks, built-in shelves and bookcases for your library. We can also contrast it with plush leather furniture, a coffee table with a steel base and glass top, as well as any other furniture you might need for your library.

An enviable range of styles, materials and finishes to choose from

With over 20 decorative finishes for your library furniture, you’re spoilt for choice of styles, shades and size. Popular options are oak and pine wood, while choices for finishing include lacquer for small bookshelves and an oil-based hand rub finish or wax for larger library furniture.

Contact us for your bespoke library furniture

If you love what you’ve seen on our website and are ready to commission your bespoke library furniture, please call us today or send an email, and one of our amiable design consultants will get back to you with a quote. We only use the highest quality of materials that are ethically sourced from managed forests during construction.

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If you would like more information about any bespoke furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or any other room in your house then contact us today to discuss your future bespoke furniture project. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form.

Commissioning a handcrafted project with Iris doesn’t cost a fortune

We believe that everyone should have a home library. We therefore offer a staged payment plan that makes it easier to pay for your bespoke furniture. Payment is spread out from the moment you place the order up to the time when your order is completed.

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