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Iris Bespoke Furniture is a UK bespoke furniture company which designs, builds and supplies bespoke furniture to ecclesiastical institutions such as the Gurdwara. We consider all the elements within the Gurdwara to be unique in their aesthetic qualities and application and we believe the furniture should be equally so. We make use of superior hardwood to handcraft elegant furniture for your Gurdwara.

To us, it is not just about making furniture, it goes beyond that. It is about crafting furniture that is in tune with your spirituality and your beliefs, furniture that is worthy of gracing your revered space, furniture that even in its modest state, has subtle notes of elegance.

For over 25 years, we have worked with places of worship around the world to create iconic, classic furniture specifically for them.

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Each commission is designed by our expert furniture designers then handcrafted by talented Indian artisans who use ancient techniques to custom-create high-end furniture that is both functional and decorative. Armed with skills that are centuries old, our Indian craftsmen are able to provide beautiful craftsmanship of uncompromising quality which will last for decades.

We have completed bespoke furniture projects for use across the UK as well as internationally. We approach and execute every project with utmost dedication and your own personal touch. Through our well-planned design solutions, extensive expertise in carpentry and woodwork along with our dedicated coordination and supervision, we have successfully executed and delivered countless projects worldwide.

Experience The Understated Elegance Of Our Handcrafted Gurdwara Furniture

We aim to create a visually dynamic yet contemporary design approach which maintains the language of the Sikhs. This can be seen in our use of minimalistic design in all our bespoke Gurdwara furniture. However, we are still able to extract forms and patterns from their original context and apply them to our furniture using engravings, embossing, moulding and inlaid designs. One standard found in every piece of furniture we craft for your Gurdwara is the inherent serenity, sophistication and elegance.

Using high-quality materials, innovative designs and skilled construction techniques, we come up with custom-pieces that truly suit your Gurdwara. We use only the very best materials to craft your bespoke furniture so as to ensure maximum durability and beauty. We can also use reclaimed wood to construct elegant bespoke pieces, and, choosing reclaimed wood is a great way to protect the environment.

A Fusion Of Comfort And Functionality

Over the last few years, chairs, cushioned stools and benches have started appearing in Gurdwara halls especially in urban Gurdwaras. It is now commonplace for chairs and sofas to be placed in the verandas of the Gurdwara for the benefit of disabled or old worshippers. We provide beautiful seats made from rich solid wood and painted in a demure colour expected by the solemn setting of your Gurdwara.

Here at Iris Bespoke Furniture, we craft furniture fit for your Gurdwara that is functional and comfortable without being too ostentatious thereby making sure the marayada is not violated. We also build humble wooden benches and tables for the langar halls. Iris Bespoke Furniture has the team able to work on the sacred project of designing and constructing furniture fit to be used in a Gurdwara, and we aim to make the process easier for you by being devoted to and passionate about your project.

From our designers to our craftsmen, we understand and respect your religious beliefs. We are able to showcase your religious beliefs and incorporate these in your furniture. We also take the interior design and décor of the Gurdwara into consideration while coming up with designs for your bespoke pieces of Gurdwara furniture. We do not want to create furniture that will be inconsistent with the overall décor of the Gurdwara. We ensure that our bespoke furniture serves its purpose without losing sight of the solemn environment of the Gurdwara and the principles of Sikhism guiding it.

Interactive Design

To truly understand your religious practice, we arrange for a visit so we can enter your Gurdwara to absorb the atmosphere and get the correct feel for the project. From the entrance of the temple to the exit, we take note of the dimensions and specifications for the furniture that will be appropriate for each space.

Your architects are free to design the furniture while we focus on the construction. We can make any piece in your desired style, size, colour and height. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your vision for your temple.

Due to our years of expertise in crafting bespoke furniture, every step of the project is carefully planned and thought of as a reflection of your Gurdwara. Using superior materials and our expert artisans, we fuse contemporary and traditional designs into a unique vision. This result is an expressive and original piece which graces your revered space.

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Impeccable Construction

All our bespoke Gurdwara furniture is manufactured to the highest standards and is guaranteed to last. Whether you are looking for a simple, strong wood or want our inlaid decorative designs, we have something for everyone and can adhere to a particular colour scheme or design, creating them to your specifications.

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Luxury Furniture For Your Bespoke Gurdwara At A Fair Price

Gone are the days when bespoke furniture was too expensive. At Iris Bespoke Furniture, our prices are reasonable and we are happy to work out a payment with you. We can also arrange for instalment payments with no hidden costs.

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